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Faculty Achievements

The teaching role of faculty members reflects their centrality in addressing the primary educational mission among colleges and universities. As faculty members teach, they disseminate and impart basic or applied knowledge to students and assist students with the learning process and applying the knowledge. In this construction of the teaching role, the teacher is the content expert, and students are regarded as learners or novices to the academic discipline or field of study. Faculty members are expected to follow developments in the field so their expertise and knowledge base remain current.

Continuous learning and updating of knowledge is essential for every faculty. Our faculties have won various awards, presented papers and took initiatives in various global level events.

GIBS also motivate them to attend National and International Seminars and publish papers in reputed journals.

Our faculty members are involved in conversations at the forefront of their fields, exchanging ideas with other thought leaders worldwide. They share these ideas with our students in the classroom and with the global community outside. Faculties are at the core of our community. We are proud of their teaching, scholarship, research, advising and service.

List of few Paper Presentations:

  1. Director. Dr. K.Aparna Rao- “Impact of Occupational ‪‎Stress‬ on Work life balance of women employees in IT Sector”
  2. Prof. Lakshmi RB - “Knowledge Management and Inventive HRM”
  3. Prof. Sree Harsha C – “Role of Financial Management in Organization Development”
  4. Prof. N Priya – “Brand Stratergy”
  5. Prof. D venkatesan – “Marketing Mantra”
  6. Prof. D.R. Chandra Prasad - “Global Economic Collapse: Reasons and Solutions”Prof.
  7. R Gopalakrishnan - “Foreign equity is good but beware of risk”
  8. Prof. Srilatha S – “CSR and Sustainable Development”
  9. Balasubramaniam M – “Developing countries need trade, not aid”
  10. Dr. Abhay Kumar Srivastava - “Overpopulation: Strength or Weakness for world?”
  11. Prof. Aftab Ahmed - “Artificial Intelligence”

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