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PGDM - Post Graduate Diploma In Management

PGDM Program is approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD & Government of India. The program is a set of discrete terms of study, industry immersion and applied research that takes students through a developmental journey from inexperienced fresher to corporate-ready manager. PGDM offers Dual Specializations to make student multi-industry ready. The programme is indoctrinated to give the conceptual skills, communication skills, business and management skills with a focus on developing business leaders and change agents who should be ready to take the leadership roles after the completion of the programme. The programme is specifically designed with the drive and ambition to move into management and leadership roles. We offer a new approach to the development of corporate and community leaders by developing individual leadership and personal capabilities, and by teaching you how to manage, lead and transform organisations in a unique way.

Course Code Subjects
PGDM11 Principles & Practice of Mgmt
PGDM12 Managerial Economics
PGDM13 Quantitative Techniques
PGDM14 Organizational Behaviour
PGDM15 Financial Accounting
PGDM16 IT For Managers
PGDM17 Business Communication
PGDM18 Personality Development Prog.
Course Code Subjects
PGDM21 Marketing Management – I
PGDM22 Management Accounting
PGDM23 Management Information System
PGDM24 Operation Research
PGDM25 Human Resource Management
PGDM26 Financial Management
PGDM27 Contemporary Business Environment
PGDM28 Corporate Communication – I
PGDM29 Personality Development Programme
Course Code Subjects
PGDM31 Corporate Finance
PGDM32 Production & Operations Mgmt.
PGDM33 Legal Aspects of Business
PGDM34 E-Business
PGDM35 Marketing Management – II
PGDM36 Research Methodology
PGDM37 Entrepreneurship Development
PGDM38 Corporate Communication – II
PGDM39 Leadership & Business Proficiency Skills Development
PGDM40 Summer Training T & P Initiative (3)
Course Code Subjects
PGDM41 Strategic Management ( C )
PGDM42 Advanced Business Communication – I
PGDM43 Employability Skills Development - I
PGDM44 Elective1 from Specialization 1
PGDM45 Elective 2 from Specialization 1
PGDM46 Elective 3 from Specialization 1
PGDM47 Elective 1 from Specialization 2
PGDM48 Elective 2 from Specialization 2
PGDM49 Elective 3 from Specialization 2
Course Code Subjects
PGDM51 Technology and Innovations Management ( C )
PGDM52 Advanced Business Communication-II
PGDM53 Employability Skills Development -II
PGDM54 Elective 1 from Specialization 1
PGDM55 Elective 2 from Specialization 1
PGDM56 Elective 3 from Specialization 1
PGDM57 Elective 1 from Specialization 2
PGDM58 Elective 2 from Specialization 2
PGDM59 Elective 3 from Specialization 2
PGDM60 T & P Initiative (3)
Course Code Subjects
PGDM61 Financial Planning
PGDM62 Customer Relationship Management
PGDM63 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
PGDM64 Enterprise Resource Planning
PGDM65 Project (Dissertation) and Viva Voce
PGDM66 T & P Initiative (3)

Specializations :

  1. Human Resource Management ( HRM )
  2. Marketing
  3. Finance
  4. Information Technology ( IT )
  5. International Business ( IB )
  6. Tourism & Travel
  7. Health Care
  8. Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship
  9. Retailing & Supply Chain Management
  10. Banking & Insurance

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