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Student Speak

This is a place where I enjoy education. The faculty here are a part of the industry who gives me a lot of exposure and know how about the real Industry scenario which is much beyond books. Learning + Fun is a rare combination that I get at GIBS Business School, and that is why I love GIBS.
- Bharti Kushwaha – Chattishgarh

Every day is a learning opportunity at GIBS. The two year course at GIBS offers an ample scope to grow as a true corporate world person. The opportunities to observe and learn the widely applied techniques and practices of the corporate world are unparalleled at GIBS. My motto for 2 years at GIBS has always been to grab every possible opportunity and work with meticulousness. I’m happy to have taken the decision and have put in quality time here.
- Lakhon Dkhar – Meghalya

I can really speak with the confidence and immense pleasure that my life is truly changed by the quality of education and knowledge which I have obtained from GIBS Business School, Bangalore. The institute has provided me a wide learning platform through guest lectures, industrial visits and conferences, which has helped me to grow as an individual. GIBS have given me ample opportunity to explore the real corporate world through seminars, and the quality of education is also has helped me to groom my personality. Proud to be a part of GIBS family...
- Arja Bala Bhavani –Andhra Pradesh

Hi, Myself Jithin Saji, before joining GIBS, I was anxious of how things would turn up here, now am happy that Enrolling in GIBS Business School, Bangalore is a valuable investment for me for life time. I feel that GIBS is expanding rapidly among thousands of B-Schools in India for the unique infrastructure as a residential campus. It enforces students to do their best through their ability and creativity. My experience at GIBS has been awesome. Combining both Quality of education and the amazing infrastructure made me to have personalized learning experience
- Jithin Saji – Dubai

When I first arrived at GIBS Business School, I was terrified that I wouldn’t find anyone that I could get adjusted with, because I knew absolutely no one. But later it is a pleasing experience to be part of such a reputed institute with a homely environment with complete security especially for girls & was overwhelmed with the kind of support I have got from GIBS. We learn the true meaning of the word enjoyment which we inculcate in everything we do; be it in celebrations or hard core tasks.
- Richline Corera – Sri Lanka

GIBS provides an ideal platform for me to achieve my aim in studying management course. It has served for me as an excellent platform. With the efforts for delicate balance that the institute wishes to attain between being vibrant it served me an excellent environment to study Management and Communication.
- Abhinav Mewara - Rajasthan

It is an amazing experience to be a part of such a reputed and disciplined institution. It stood always as my second home. Faculties are very kind, friendly and gave a parental advice when required. Discipline was given highest priority. I am proud to be a GIBian. Thanks to all for making my life a memorable and sweet one.
- Shraddha Netaji Patil - Maharashtra

As a student of GIBS Business School, learning is a continuous process. Apart from the exhaustive academic curriculum, one can always look forward to the continuous activities which keep the campus buzzing throughout the year. GIBS have one of the most vibrant student communities and a lot of learning happens in the form of interaction with peers.
- Kiran Eshwar S P –Tamilnadu

GIBS Business school has a unique philosophy and culture of encouraging leadership values amongst the students through its various clubs activities. The students plan and organize many of the events organized by these clubs get an exposure to extensive team work. These initiatives play a great role in imbibing traits like persistence, patience and decisiveness, alleviating the students and to emerge as successful future leaders.
- Jyoti Sajwan - Uttrakhandn

Life at GIBS campus is the most treasured part of my life. These years have indeed taught me a lot. The faculties had taught me to be independent and given me the strength to sustain in real world, where i know i am the one responsible for every action what i do and every decision i take.
- Midhun P - Kerala



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