Understand the importance of a PGDM course and why it is as good as an MBA.

The debate on whether PGDM is better or MBA has been happening for quite a few years now. There is no right or wrong answer here though. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

They mostly have the same kind of advantages and hardly any disadvantages. Both are professional courses that help in giving your career directions and open up multiple doors of opportunities. 

From shaping your personality to shaping your career, these professional courses apply a very holistic approach. It creates an experience that is beyond the classroom and has career benefits throughout the course. 

Usually, both types of courses are of 2 to 3 years duration with placements after completion. Though we cannot tell you which one is better for you, we can surely tell you more about the features of a PGDM course. 

11 Clear benefits of PGDM to empower your dreams:

  1.   Industry-centric curriculum to help the students understand everything about the industries. 
  2.   An array of specializations are available for a more focused study. 
  3.   Develop skills that are needed in a corporate setting like decision making, critical thinking and communication.
  4.   Placement offers that get us closer to your dream role.
  5.   Extensive exposure to the industry through various activities like workshops, webinars, seminars and more. 
  6.   Mentoring is one of the finest aspects of a good educational experience. 
  7.   Easy Financing, ensuring no dream is hindered by money. 
  8.   Skill sets are given importance while the course is conducted as only theory from the book can make a professional dull. 
  9.   Entrepreneurial Opportunities are given through various clubs that promote innovation and research. Each idea students come up with are empowered with knowledge and guidance from experts. 
  10.   Boring classes are a concept that’s far away from PGDM courses. 
  11. PGDM courses are comparatively more affordable than  MBA courses.

Let’s discuss why PGDM is in the Global Institute of Business Studies.

For students who are interested in becoming a part of the managerial jobs in the corporate industry, PGDM is the last step before they start a real job. The questions that arise out of confusions are often about Which college to choose? How to pick one from the options of thousands that are offering AICTE approved PGDM courses? Where will I get the best placement offers? And so on! 

It is challenging to choose the right college for the plethora of institutes that are hosting PGDM courses. While you select your college, we can help you know more about the Global Institute of Business Studies. 

Located in Bangalore, one of the top colleges of Karnataka. It hosts various unique opportunities for aspiring professionals. From mental health care to building a career together, GIBS facilitates growth for every student. 

Unique programs like Happiness Program, IRE school, Global Immersion Program are just a few of the teaching pedagogy that has been helping lakhs of students to flourish in their careers. GIBS promotes entrepreneurship, international exposure, internships, close monitoring of growth and much more to help a student transform for the better. 

Their PGDM courses are comprehensive and well planned which helps them stand out from the crowd. The constant guidance from the CEOs of industry and faculty members with years of experience works like a charm for all the students. 

GIBS recognises the needs of the industry and prepares the students accordingly with a little extra to offer to the organisations. The vision is to empower students with the knowledge and nurture the future leaders of the country. 

Their constant efforts in enhancing the curriculum and incorporating various industry-relevant activities help the students to gain insightful knowledge about business. The weight of a good PGDM course from one of the top colleges is heavier and makes you more employable than an MBA from a lower rung college. 

While the list of benefits at GIBS is endless, there is only one thing you should always remember while choosing a college – Seek for more than you think you need when it comes to knowledge! 

Do whatever it Takes! 

The first thing you should do is understand your goals and aspirations and then choose PGDM or MBA. Choosing the right business schools is as important as deciding the specialisations so choose wisely and carefully as higher studies are the first concrete step towards your success story.

Take your decision keeping in mind all the parameters discussed and select a perfect program befitting your dreams!

GIBS Finishing School – Must Have Placement Practices For PGDM Students

Students aspire to work amongst the best minds in the world. Every learner gives in their 100% in the process leading to their working. From achieving the best grades, to reach the pinnacle of practical careers. 

The one thing that creates a sense of worry and mild-tenseness in students is getting the perfect job. In our competitive world, landing a supreme job is tough and it requires a little more polishing of a student’s developed skills. 

Escaping the job hunting process is tough but one thing that can take you to the top step is honing some useful skill-sets and techniques. Here are some of them that can easily smooth your search for your dream job. 

Be clear about your career goals! 

If there is one thing that is the most essential in job hunting is seeking a clear vision. Before you set out for a job, take some time and check on your choices, strengths, weaknesses, and learnings. 

Developing a mentally clear vision about the work of your choice can increase the likeliness of getting an all-around job. An all-around job provides you with satisfaction, pleasure, and the motivation to perform better, and hence, a deep-invoking sense of clarity certainly helps. 

A Well Documented Resume that matches your preferred industry!

The resume is one of the important documents in job hunting. It is the shadow of your personality, academic achievements, skills bar, and what not. You must be aware of the things that an employer wants to see on your resume. Each industry has their own criteria. Business schools like GIBS help students to recognise that and build a resume that makes the students employable. 

If you miss out on creating an influential resume, you will miss out on your dream job. One of the basic things to inculcate in a resume is the language. Maintain a professional approach with wise words. Secondly, make it decent and spaciously designed with neat font and spacing. 

The recruiter must know at the first glance that this is a perfect candidate for the job. 

Research About Your Dream Brands-Companies

Once you are clear on the type of work, it is time to look for the companies you wish to work for. List down all the companies and check their website pages and social media handles. The reason is to understand the social environment as well as the workplace ethics and services of the company. 

Moving on, once you are well-worth with the basic functioning of the company, learn about the common questions asked in the hiring process. 

Start Networking

Many job seekers miss out on a crucial element of job hunting – Networking. They think that submitting the job application and depending on online portals can lead them to the job – well, those days are long gone. 

Other than LinkedIn and other social portals, networking in real life is important as well. 

Reach out to your contacts, local influential personalities and others who you think can help in providing a route to the company of your choice. Be it online or in-person, talk to people and take note of all the important leads. 

Do Not Restrict Yourself Only To Online Portals

Online job portals are a great platform to search for your dream job but you should not restrict yourself to them. By the time you apply for a job, the hiring process can reach an advanced or maybe its final stage. 

This is where you can personally reach out to recruiters via personal connections or social media platforms. Approach them and request a personal interview for the job. This not only helps in smoothing the overall process but also fastens your chances of getting hired. 

Discover your potential with GIBS Finishing School 

As we all know, today the corporate world requires more than academics. It demands presentation skills, an-all round approach to acquire clients and so much more. 

Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), one of the finest PGDM colleges in Bangalore, and an institute of global standard assist students in nurturing the necessary elements that give them an open door of working in their favorite company. Providing students with industry-like skills and turning them from learners to treasured professionals, GIBS takes immense pride in facilitating students to their dream ladder. 

The latest addition to the GIBS group, GIBS Finishing School is a platform of opportunities to develop industry skills. The primary focus of the school is to polish every student’s skill set with that of professional standard. 

Other than this, GIBS Finishing School also excels in training students in corporate behavior, personality development programs, start-up affairs and so much more. 

Get advanced training to enable your corporate success with GIBS Finishing School!

After the Class 12 Board Exams got cancelled, it’s time to take the next step for BBA.

The pandemic has brought in some of the most unusual changes in every industry. From online classes to no board exam at all. The students have faced some of the most drastic changes in the education system in the year 2020 to 2021. 

While it is a relief that there are no board exams, it can be challenging to adjust to the new set of criteria that will be implied for admissions in graduation. We understand that many of you might face the challenge of pinning down that one subject that you want to take up in your graduation. 

Here are some things that you must keep in mind while you decide your further studies:

  • Choose subjects that you are interested in.
  • Make sure your subjects are aligned with your career goals. 
  • Choose an industry-relevant course that will help you get your dream job.
  • Choosing the right college is extremely essential. 
  • Look for a course that offers more than you need. 

Above points are some of the things that one must keep in mind. There are various streams but today we will talk about Bachelor of Business Administration also known as BBA.

BBA is one of the most popular courses chosen today as India has an array of industries and is growing every day. BBA is one of the best ways to understand the basics of how a business works and what are the different aspects of the same. 

BBA is also believed to be a great stream to choose if the student plans to pursue MBA or PGDM in future. It is the first concrete step you can take to build a career in the extremely competitive world of business. 


A list of facts that will enable you to understand that BBA is the best starting point for a great management career:

  • Popular courses all over the world.
  • Give shape to the entrepreneurial side of you.
  • Higher chance of getting a higher salary than any other stream.
  • Opens up doors to a varied range of opportunities. 
  • Learning the basics like networking, professional skills and more.

How Can Choosing The Right College For BBA Can Be An Added Advantage?

Today India has  many colleges and universities that host BBA courses and it could be overwhelming for you to choose. When you choose the college you must make sure that it is capable of giving you way more than just classroom education. 

BBA is not just about books today, it is a course laced with much more. From skills like leadership, communication to learning how to think critically, BBA has it all. The course marks the beginning of the transformation of a student into a valuable professional. 

Colleges like Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore offer an array of extra curricular activities to help students gain a practical perspective on business. 

While you assess all your options, let us tell you about GIBS – Bangalore University.  

Why Choose GIBS and Bangalore University for your BBA?

Bangalore University was established in 1964 and has been one of the most accomplished universities since then. According to the National Institutional Ranking Framework it is ranked as the 20th University.It also holds pride in it being an A grade university by NAAC. 

Global Institute of Business Studies is part of the 5 star university and is one of the colleges that offers a futuristic education plan for the students. There are three specializations: 

Marketing Management 

HR Management 

Finance Management 

GIBS is an highly acclaimed platform for young minds who are willing to make a mark in the business world. It not only focuses on delivering world class knowledge but also increases the employability of the student. 

The college promotes innovation, enhancement of skills and practical training. In addition to theoretical knowledge there is an emphasis on hands-on training, giving the students an exposure that might not be available in other colleges. 

From different departments to different roles, GIBS trains the students to deliver better performance when they take a job. It is also a stepping stone for students who are willing to do an MBA or PGDM. Students are not lost, they pursue any professional course with a decent amount of knowledge. 

Faculty members come with a bag full of experience and expertise, giving students a well guided learning experience. The students are also given opportunities to avail certificate programs, counselling from experts, activity based learning and most importantly placement training, preparing them for the industry. 

If you are looking for a college that has a comprehensive approach to BBA and helps you gain an edge over others then GIBS is the place to be. The college has much more to offer, to know about it contact the college and seek guidance from the experts. 

GIBS – A Technology-Focused B-SCHOOL Led by Industry Leaders and Top Faculty!

“Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, calibre, and future of an individual. If the people remember me as a good teacher that will be the biggest honour for me” P. J. Abdul Kalam. 

A good teacher can flawlessly shape your career. They are an integral part of your education. Good infrastructure, good facilities and good location are nothing when it comes to good faculty. 

An educational institution always ensures that along with all the infrastructural facilities and excellent industry-relevant curriculum, they have the best faculty too. The faculty are the foundation of a good education. 

Most of the business schools also include industry experts to ensure proper education about business. The world of business is evolving every minute and to make sure that the students understand every bit of it, experts from industries get involved as well. 

Today, the Global Institute of Business Studies is recognized as one of the top business schools. There are many reasons for the success but one of the most important is having business leaders as mentors. 

GIBS is the only business school that has been endorsed by 60 CEOs. The foundation of the business school is built with the expertise of industry leaders who have given years to the industry. 

While the students are choosing their business school to pursue their professional course, they have a list of criteria that they keep while choosing. Some of the reasons that make a business schools stand out are:

  1. Excellent infrastructure
  2. Experienced faculty 
  3. Fees
  4. Location
  5. Industry associations
  6. Placement Opportunities
  7. Opportunities for getting into foreign universities. 

Today as the internet is taking over, a plethora of information is available for the students. It makes it easy for sure but too much information can be confusing. Here comes the role of faculty who organise and assimilate information and present the best to the students with experience of their own. 

GIBS hosts faculty who have experience of over 45 years and their knowledge is as vast as the sea! The faculty are extremely knowledgeable and have their own unique ways to ensure the best of their knowledge is delivered to the students. 

GIBS has many foreign associations that give their curriculum a foreign perspective. This expands the horizons and helps the students to be aware of international aspects of the business. A very carefully planned curriculum is designed with the help of top faculty and industry leaders, making GIBS stand apart from most of the Business Schools in the country today. 

As an industry, an accomplished business school is also a detailed set-up where the students learn way more than just lines from the books. They constantly are developing skills and getting closer to becoming future corporate leaders. GIBS focuses on various practical teaching techniques as well. 

A business school can only create leaders if they give the students enough hands-on training. GIBS hosts an array of workshops, internship opportunities and seminars, all conducted by CEOs and other leaders from the world of business. 

The best part of being a student in GIBS is having the opportunity to have access and gain knowledge from 60 top-notch CEOs who have proved themselves in the best possible way. The faculty members help keep the institution running smoothly. 

They are not just faculty reading aloud from the textbooks but they are also policy-makers, innovators of new teaching and learning methods and a constant guide for the students. faculty are the biggest factors that help in giving the students an exceptional educational experience laced with knowledge that will last for a lifetime. 

The faculty members of GIBS take care of everything, from education to mental health, they keep a tab of everything. While GIBS promotes professional skills, it also makes sure that the students learn life skills and focus on their happiness as well. 

GIBS is not only known for its many initiatives that are revolutionary in the field of education but it is also known for its thoughtful ways of incorporating teaching and learning processes. Most of them might not be available in any other colleges. 

Today, GIBS is ranked as the 20th best business school in the country. Do you need any more reasons to start your career in GIBS? Let’s give you a few more reasons to help you understand the value GIBS can add to your career:

International associations with the top foreign universities to ensure international standards as well. 

Great placement and internship opportunities as the 60 CEOs who endorse GIBS have an amazing built network. 

Their programs and initiatives like the happiness program and IRE school, are life-changing in many ways. 

Make GIBS your success partner! 

When you get into a business school you go in with a lot of expectations. From being able to be a valuable leader to becoming a fully skilled human being. If you are looking for a place where you can bring out your best version and discover your true potential, the GIBS is the place to be.

GIBS takes a step towards spreading the light of knowledge!

We know it is not easy to get that one dream job that you have your eye on. It takes a whole new level of dedication and knowledge to stand out from the crowd. Honestly, it is not easy at all.

The only way to make the cut is to prepare yourself with more knowledge and skills. No wonder the demand for PGDM courses has skyrocketed. It is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your knowledge, learn about the industry and imbibe skills that are befitting to the corporate world.

What really matters is a good college. A proper well-structured learning plan is the key to achieving success. A good college will help you find the right path in your career and give you experience beyond the classroom.

A PGDM course is a professional course that enables students to become the best version of themselves and become valuable professional. The industry-relevant curriculum broadens the horizons of knowledge for them.

As we mentioned earlier, PGDM is a professional course which means it involves practical learning activities, guidance from industry experts and ample extracurricular activities.

The only time you might face a challenging situation is when you are finding the right college among the many that the country hosts. Among the many colleges, the Global Institute of Business Studies stands tall with its excellent features. It is one of the best PGDM colleges in Bangalore.

GIBS and its unique ways to shape your career!

One of the top colleges of the country, the Global Institute of Business Studies has been taking revolutionary steps to give the students access to endless opportunities. Enlightening students with quality education and training for a better career.

From mental health to corporate experiences, GIBS has initiated various programs to give the students a holistic development. An access to expert’s knowledge and experiences is like gold for a professional who is just starting.

Recently, GIBS started a series of free webinars and panel discussions with some of the best corporate leaders, top universities and internationally acclaimed resources. The aim is to spread the light of knowledge.

The free aspect is a feature that helps many to access top-notch education without worrying about hefty fees. The vision is to nurture future leaders and give them maximum exposure.

They hosted Dr. Kunal Saxena, a renowned name across industries, to speak on the Career Prospects in Digital Marketing. Addressing the current job scenarios, Dr. Saxena spoke about some of the challenges and opportunities that the industries are being challenged with.

He spoke about how digital marketing is expanding every minute and addressed the passion for technology. He spoke about the increasing impact of technology on people and how this is a chance for young and future leaders to bring a change that is worthy enough and makes life simpler.

GIBS trains its students to manage the business and allows every student to understand every aspect of a business. This series of free webinars by experts from the industry and top universities is bringing the whole country closer to better education.

GIBS is on a mission to change the entire country in terms of education. The webinar was free for people who are not a part of GIBS as well. This dedication to educating people has made GIBS one of the best business schools in the country.

The webinar by Dr. Saxena was an interesting take on the digital world. He spoke about the upside and the downside of digital marketing. He threw light upon the various things that digital marketing has that can be kept in mind while the students are making their digital portfolio or resume.

He explained many tips and details about digital marketing like how search engine optimization works, how it can be used to create more visibility and much more. All this for free!

Today as the economy is reviving, GIBS is offering free education to empower young minds and future leaders. Their expertise and teaching pedagogy that is carefully created by the experts are now available to the world.

They offer an array of exclusive programs to their students like the IRE school which promotes innovation, research and entrepreneurship. This school is a thoughtful initiative that enables students to grow exponentially. It inculcates skills and enhances calibre to make the students ready for the real world.

GIBS – Host to your success story!

We spoke a lot about how college is an extremely important part of your pursuit of success. GIBS is a very comprehensive approach to a knowledgeable experience. The students are blessed with opportunities and activities that enhance their skills like creative and critical thinking, decision making and more.

The industry-relevant curriculum is delivered by faculty members with decades of experience. The educational experience is a mix of theory and practical, helping students to learn the application as well.

Placements are excellent at GIBS, its associations allow them to bring some of the biggest companies for recruitment and internships. The placement cell is constantly working towards bringing the students closer to their dream career. GIBS Bangalore Placement cell is known for its efficiency.

GIBS is a complete package for you, come make the most of it!

How important is practical knowledge? Let’s find out!

How important is practical knowledge? Let’s find out!  

Experiential learning is at the forefront of education. It has been pushing the old-school method of theory out for a while now. While most agree with its benefits, there is still an air of reluctance around it. People are hesitant to abandon the old ways.

But practical learning has never been more important. With access to theoretical knowledge available globally, most people lack the knowledge of putting that theory into practice. It helps set apart hard workers from smart workers.

Professionals with beyond classroom knowledge! 

Companies like employees who understand concepts but are also familiar with putting them into practice. It helps them reduce the training time for a fresher. But more importantly, the employee can focus on the far important aspects of working in an organisation. Understanding the functioning of the company is as essential as knowledge of the position.

That’s why when an institute promotes experiential learning, they are preparing the student for their future in more ways than they realise. Internships are the best way to teach an individual the benefits of practical application. The student has the opportunity to test their knowledge in a real-life situation.

Industry ready graduates are also offered better incentives and compensation packages than other graduates. This works as a motivational boost that students can channel towards their work and skill development.

Managers and experiential learning

A course that benefits most from encouraging internships is PGDM. Since PGDM graduates are preparing for their role in managerial positions in the field, getting exposed to the industry and its functioning is essential. The internship opens their eyes to their strengths and weaknesses before it is too late.

Managerial positions are the backbone of a company as they ensure smooth functioning. They must keep things flowing at the usual speed. And if the manager is fresh out of a shell unaware of the industry expectations, he will feel like a fish out of water.

It is the duty of a manager to understand the function of their organisation, especially their area of specialisation. For example, an operations manager should be familiar with the role and importance of that department in the organisation. This provides enough insight to manage and maintain the smooth functioning of the department.

GIBS and its focus on Internships

Global Institute of Business Studies or GIBS is an institute that actively encourages students to pursue internships. One of the most prominent PGDM colleges in Bangalore, opportunities are provided in their appropriate fields to ensure maximum understanding. Any amount of industry exploration will benefit students and GIBS ensure that maximum is provided.

GIBS business school has a 2-year AICTE recognised program that is dedicated to theoretical and practical understanding. It sets them apart from other institutes. They pave the way for students to engage in innovation and research.

The goal to transform students into future industry leaders is achieved through innovative and globally accepted programs in a congenial atmosphere. Through the pioneering refined quality of learning, moral upkeep and intellectual support GIBS has been recognized as one of the top business schools in India.

Endless Opportunities at GIBS

GIBS is dedicated to preparing students for professional working with their unique campus to corporate (C2C) program. C2C syllabus consists of 136 sessions that are designed around the industry expectations. Role Plays, Indoor & Outdoor Activities, Time Management are among many other topics covered in the C2C syllabus.

Students at GIBS ensure that students are provided opportunities in appropriate fields. For IT, Edutech, Aviation to FMCG, Insurance and Manufacturing, GIBS give sector-wise internships. This helps the student identify gaps and conquer the available opportunity. 

Supporting promises with numbers

Internship opportunities aren’t just exceptional in terms of the quality of experience gained. Interns are offered a generous stipend to keep them motivated as well. The highest stipend offered in 2021 was Rs. 1,15,000. 

GIBS has an excellent track record when it comes to placement. Over 150 companies have been associated with GIBS for internship opportunities. That figure rises to over 600 for job placements. While GIBS Bangalore placement is impressive, over 10 startups began from the GIBS campus last year.

This motivates the growth of unique ideas and provides the room it requires. Students of GIBS are encouraged to set a new bar for working standards and create their space in the industry. For the people seeking industry experience rather than pursuing their entrepreneurship dreams, GIBS students on average were offered an annual package of 6.3 Lakhs.

Why choose GIBS?

These statistics are just the cherry on top of the cake that is GIBS. They assure that every student will receive appropriate opportunities for practical experience through their internship programs. The programs go hand in hand with their world-class infrastructure. It creates a perfect environment for students to develop leadership skills, excellent communication skills and overall personality development. This combination of effort and resources is proportional to GIBS business school ranking in India.

GIBS is the perfect place to achieve industry-oriented theoretical and practical knowledge for future industry leaders.

How can a student become a valuable professional? Learn It With GIBS!

Today the cut-throat competition in making a name in the industry is making PGDM and MBA courses extremely popular. Every business school has an array of things to offer but most of them fail to understand that for the professional world, one needs more than formal education! 

Today professional courses are curated keeping in mind that it is a stepping stone for the students. 95% of the colleges in India fail to deliver a complete package. Thus it becomes a waste of money and time when you choose a college that does not offer a beyond the classroom experience. 

You might ask what is a complete package? 

Well, the answer is the Global Institute of Business Studies, one of the best PGDM colleges in Bangalore

A complete package in a business school will include unique ways to enhance your career. From an industry-relevant curriculum to a finishing school, the college must be able to transform you into a professional. 

A business school has to constantly grow to keep in mind the industry perspective. GIBS believes in evolving according to the industry’s changing needs. The vision is to prepare leaders and nurture their talent, helping them make a mark in the world of business. 

GIBS business school, awarded for many of its uniquely designed features has now started focussing more on preparing students for the corporate world. An array of programs are available that follow a holistic approach. 

From a program that looks into mental health to a program that enhances the student’s personality into one that can create an everlasting impression on the recruiter. Global Institute of Business Studies has always been a step ahead in training its students. 

Their highly acclaimed faculty members and foreign associations help them to give the students an experience laced with knowledge. The beyond classroom experience is what GIBS stands out for. 

Becoming a version of yourself that is capable of adding value to a business needs training and guidance from experts only. GIBS has a dedicated team for placements, faculty members and industry experts to ensure a Complete Package for the students. 

What is Finishing School and Why Do You Need It? 

A finishing school is usually an initiative taken to help the students become their best versions. The program revolves around how to enhance the personality of the students, how to help the student to speak better, how to help them do better in their interviews and teach them about what are the important things the industry expects from them. 

Today the corporate industry is not just about academics but also about great presentation skills, about talking to potential and existing clients and much more. A finishing school will help the student match their existing skills to the industrial standards. 

Top-notch appearance, verbal communication, IQ, EQ and more matters when you are at the interview for your dream job. Recruiters today are looking for professionals who are much more than just knowledgeable. Because knowledge you can acquire but a personality will only shine when trained and guided. 

GIBS’ Finishing School – Confusion 2 Conclusion Programme.

A world-class quality finishing school is the latest addition to the GIBS treasure for the students. This programme has only one aim, to build students into valuable professionals. Each student has their own potential and skills but finishing school can shape their potential for a better career. 

As they say ‘only formal education cannot solve the employability issues’ and it is absolutely true. Formal education is the foundation but not the only thing that you will need to enhance your career. 

Confusion 2 Conclusion is basically a program to help students become their best version. Overall personality development and enhancing skills can take a professional far in his career. The programme is divided into four levels. 

Each level is curated thoughtfully by experts. Every level holds great importance in the process of building a professional career. From communication to appearance to situation analysis, all the important aspects of building a personality is covered here. 

Let’s look into the various things that will be covered in this uniquely designed programme called C2C:

Level 1

Complete image consulting

Physical fitness

Language Mastery Program

Physical Appearance

Building habit of watching videos on GD-PI

Complete development – IQ, EQ, HQ and more

Level 2

Communication Model

Public Speaking

Verbal Speaking



Programme on Mindset, Heartset, Healthset & Soulset

Level 3

Personal Branding

Resume Building

Mock GD-PI

Psychometric and Aptitude Tests

Level 4

Specialisation wise training

Attitude building

Revision of L1 to L3

Situational Analysis. 

This program will be delivered by experts to ensure the best of everything for the students. If you are looking for the perfect college or a COMPLETE PACKAGE then GIBS is the place to be. Give your career the much needed finishing touches to get the best opportunities and career options. 

GIBS – Begin your journey to success!

The whole process of finding the best for yourself can become a little overwhelming. You may search for the best BBA colleges in India or any college of your choice but it is hard to find one that provides all facilities; from top-notch academic ranks to established placements.

One of the institutions in India that has an all-around environment comprising a professional academic structure to curricular activities and ace faculty is GIBS. 

About GIBS

Located in the technological city of Bangalore, GIBS was established in the year 2014. It is under the Goyal Educational Trust and offers courses ranging from BBA to PGDM. GIBS is an ISO-certified institution and is approved by AICTE alongside the Ministry of Education, Government of India, and is also recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC).

Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) is one of the finest B schools in Bangalore. It is an institute of international standards equipped with modern technology, resources, and medium of learning. 

GIBS runs to produce students who are equipped with knowledge that exceeds excellence. Be it any walk of life, GIBS provides its students with an atmosphere that imbibes them with skills that they can showcase on the best platforms to strive towards brilliance. 

GIBS Faculty, Courses, And Facilities

One of the things that make GIBS one of the best PGDM colleges in Bangalore is its faculty. With over 25 full-time faculty, 35 visiting faculty, and more than 10 international faculty members, GIBS is on a mission to provide excellence. 

On top of that, with a student-teacher ratio of 15:1, every student is given the required attention and assistance. Over the 7 years of its establishment, GIBS has conducted over 200 seminars that not only suffice students’ practical dilemmas but also open up the platform to explore new global opportunities. 

GIBS offers three types of courses:

  • PGDM Program
  • BBA
  • Teaching Pedagogy courses 

GIBS’ primary program, the PGDM program is a two-year full-time program in the field of management which is duly recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The program is designed in a way that helps students to build technical as well as essential practical skills that equip them to hold managerial positions.

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is a degree program offered by GIBS  affiliated by the Bangalore University. The undergraduate BBA program at GIBS is updated with a curriculum entailing the latest trends in the evolving market. Alongside, the program is equipped with seminars and workshops from industry experts. 

GIBS follows a curriculum structure that comprises innovative teaching pedagogy formula. In other words, teaching in GIBS has the following pattern :

  • 20% – Innovative & Theory research
  • 30% – Theory
  • 50% – Practical 

International Exposure At GIBS

In the evolving world of the 21st century, students must be equipped with skills that open up the doors to overseas career prospects. Keeping this in mind, students at GIBS are not only provided with a platform at the national level but are also exposed to international arenas. 

GIBS has an international exchange program that includes various industrial visits, workshops, guest lectures, sightseeing, and university visits. It also has tie-ups with five international institutions, students get to explore a galore of opportunities. 

  • Lincoln University, Malaysia
  • Lincoln College, USA
  • Nottingham, University UK
  • Putra Business School, Malaysia
  • Stevenson University, USA

Alongside, students perform international assignments that prepare them for opportunities in distant lands. 

Why Choose GIBS?

Classrooms and activity sessions at GIBS are equipped with world-class infrastructure. This enables the students to explore their passion and professional duties to perfection. The institute also provides the perfect platform for showcasing skills like leadership, excellent communication, personality development, and much more.

Adding to many exceptional features is the professional environment and a thriving motivation that guides students to achieve their dreams make GIBS an ideal institution to build a perfect career.

For students who venture for financial assistance for pursuing their goals, GIBS offers its students easy access to the bank loan facility with all the necessary documentation and formality assistance. 

GIBS holds some of the most prestigious rankings for B-schools in India. Some of the rankings are:

  • 14th Best B-School in Karnataka by CSR-2020 
  • 4th in Infrastructure by the Higher Education Review
  • 8th in Industry Exposure by the Higher Education Review

Placement At GIBS

In case you are wondering about GIBS Bangalore placement, do not worry because the institute has a dedicated wing for placement and start-up assistance (GIBS Corporate School). Also, the institute offers a first-of-its-kind Campus to Corporate (C2C) program that enables students with skills that make them ready for the professional world. 

Some of the top recruiters at GIBS are:

  • Outlook Magazine
  • ITC Limited
  • Britannia
  • HDFC Bank
  • IDFC First Bank
  • TVS Motors
  • Canon
  • Hyundai
  • JSW Steels
  • Morris Garages
  • Bank Of Baroda
  • Air India
  • Amul

Get The Career Opportunity You Deserve!

Pursuing PGDM and MBA courses takes you a step closer to your dream career. These professional courses train you in the best way possible and prepare you as a professional. The courses are designed in a unique way to advance your career. The industry-relevant curriculum and workshops by experts are some of the activities of these courses. 

But while choosing a college, how do you choose the best among so many promising options? 

The only answer to this question is how their placements are because don’t forget the ultimate goal is getting placed in your dream company!

Understand the college’s placement policies and opportunities and how their placement cell works. Below are some of the questions you must get your answers for to ensure the best opportunities:

  1. Does the college have a dedicated team for handling placements? 
  2. What kind of companies have been coming to the recruitment drives?
  3. Where did the previous batches of the college have been placed and what kind of packages have they got? 
  4. Does the placement cell ensure proper training for the students before the campus recruitment starts? 

The above questions are just a few that would make things clearer. While you get your answers to these questions, you must also research the college’s initiatives to enhance your career. It is important to envisage a complete picture of the course before you finalise one. 

Why is the Global Institute of Business Studies a Complete Package? 

GIBS, one of the most accomplished colleges that offer courses befitting your aspirations. It has won several awards for being the best colleges in Bangalore offering the best PGDM courses in Bangalore. Since its inception in 2014, the college has pledged to nurture talents and enable the future leaders to take the lead. 

GIBS constantly incorporates unique ways of teaching and learning, ensuring an insightful experience for the students. Students are always given academic and practical assignments to challenge themselves and rise above self-doubt.  At every phase of the course, students encounter the best academic and business experiences, ensuring maximum knowledge and exposure.

At GIBS dreams are fulfilled and enabled with intensive knowledge. Each ambition here is moulded into an opportunity with expert’s guidance. It aims to transform the entire corporate scenario by adding professionals who can add value to the business. 

Along with its teaching excellence, it has many programs outside the academic curriculum that helps you understand how the real world works. Some of the unique programs available in GIBS are:

  1. IRE School
  2. GIBS Corporate School
  3. Campus to Corporate Program 
  4. Happiness and Success Program. 


Each initiative has its own advantages and adds value to the student’s career. Exciting! Isn’t it? 

The placement cell of GIBS is a whole team of dedicated people who are always seeking opportunities that you deserve. The college helps the students to unveil their potential and plan their career according to their calibre. The above initiatives are programs that help in crafting your way to success. It ensures that the students have had enough real experiences from the world of business. This practical knowledge adds the true magic to GIBS and sets it apart from the rest of the colleges in India. 

The college provides you with knowledge about businesses from all over the country from a more global perspective. It is associated with a number of foreign universities to ensure international standards in the curriculum. Some of the foreign universities are: 

  • Lincoln University, Malaysia
  • Lincoln College, USA
  • Nottingham, University UK
  • Putra Business School, Malaysia
  • Stevenson University, USA

This helps the students to get an edge over the others and make their mark in the corporate world. The GIBS corporate school is a finishing school that trains the students to become empowered professional before they sit for the interviews. The only vision behind this finishing school is to bridge the gap between students and opportunities. 

Another very thoughtful initiative is the Campus to Corporate program that makes the students industry-ready. Here every Saturday, experts from the industry are invited for seminars and workshops. The aim is to ensure that the students have the right skills and are aware of the industry demands. 

Some of the best from the industry become a part of the recruitment drives at GIBS Business School. The long term association of the GIBS and the industry is extremely fruitful for the students. 

GIBS takes pride in offering 100% placements and giving it students ample opportunities to shine bright in the industry. It is an honour to announce that in 2021 our placement record has improved with a whopping 23% salary hike and average salary package has become 6.3 Lacs from 5.35LPA and Domestic highest package has increased to 13.5LPA from 12.13LPA. GIBS has been considered the 20th Best B-School for Academic & Placements. 

Become a part of one of the best Business Schools (GIBS) with the best ROI. From the best education to the best opportunity, start your life-changing journey today with GIBS, Bangalore!

Global Institute of Business Studies – Offering One Of The Best PGDM Courses in Bangalore!

The pandemic has changed the lives of many and it may have hit many careers as well. As the economy re-opens and struggles to make it back to the normal state of business, they are in need of young and talented professionals. Professionals with the knowledge that has the ability to add value to the organization from the very beginning. 

You might ask why? 

Well, the answer to this question is talented and young professionals today are curious in nature and have the zeal to enhance the company’s business processes. The next question would be how to become a valuable professional from the very beginning of your career? 

The answer is Global Institute of Business Studies! 

Global Business School is one of the most renowned business schools in India, enabling students to gain world-class knowledge. Its unique ways of teaching enhance every aspect of the students’ experience at the Global Institute of Business Studies. From world-class faculty members to associations with foreign universities to taking care of mental health, the Global Institute of Business Studies is a whole package for an aspiring professional. 

Among the several PGDM courses in Bangalore, GIBS offers one of the most competent PGDM course that entails the best teaching practices and facilities. It has been awarded as one of the best B-Schools in Karnataka and it takes pride in the ability to nurture talents and go beyond classrooms and marks. 

We all know that doing a Postgraduate Diploma in Management course can amp up your chances of getting your dream job, we should never forget the importance of being in a good college. Global Institute of Business Studies promises a life-changing start to your career with the right education and opportunities. The curriculum is laced with extracurricular activities that help in building a skilled professional. 

Step into the world of knowledge and introduce yourself to industry-relevant curriculums, workshops by experts and other offerings that prepare students for the world of business. The recruiters are looking for talents who have the calibre of applying the knowledge to make the existing business better. 

Global Institute of Business Studies – Filling your minds with knowledge! 

While we understand that choosing the right college for your post-graduation can be a tad bit challenging as the country hosts more than 100 business schools today, we can guide you through some of the key elements of Global Institute of Business Studies life. 

Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the best colleges in Karnataka and works constantly to empower students with the best facilities and opportunities. Its vision is to lead future leaders towards a career that they deserve and can excel in. 

Global Institute of Business Studies is not only a knowledge-driven institute but also helps to bring an overall transformation in the students. It has various features like international programs, mental health programmes, foreign university associations and many such visionary aspects that make the Global Institute of Business Studies the best choice. A few of the prestigious universities are: 

  • Nottingham University, UK
  • Stevenson University, USA
  • Lincoln College, US
  • Lincoln University, Malaysia
  • Putra Business School, Malaysia

Global Institute of Business Studies also offers a number of courses befitting your goals. Some of the domains that you can tap into with the Global Institute of Business Studies? 

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Finance Management 
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. International Business Management
  5. Operations and Supply Chain Management
  6. Business Analytics Management 
  7. Entrepreneurship Management 

A business school prepares the students to become leaders who can change the world. Keeping in mind this vision, the Global Institute of Business Studies introduced  IRE school, Innovation Research and Entrepreneurship School that encourages students to unleash their true potential. They are trained with real-time projects, teaching them leadership skills and other important life skills.

Global Institute of Business Studies ensures that the students should be well-familiar with all the advancements in the real world of business. To make sure students are well-versed, the institute hosts courses like Six Sigma, Machine Learning, Campus to Corporate Program, Business Analytics and more designed carefully by experts from the industry. 

These subjects are one of the most preferred PGDM and MBA courses today. Global Institute of Business Studies aims to encompass every aspect of the business and achieve relevant certifications, increasing the chances to get the job you have always wanted. 

Above are some of the few reasons why the Global Institute of Business Studies gives you a chance to grab the opportunity that you deserve. The exclusive facilities enable students to fulfil their dreams and goals with the right kind of guidance. If you are looking for a platform that can launch your career to the top the Global Institute of Business Studies is the right place to be in.