Has the way we deal with our careers changed after the pandemic? Panellists from the industry, speak to GIBS about it!

The pandemic has changed many lives in the deepest ways. From careers to personal life, every single thing was affected by the pandemic. The execution of many things have now changed and virtual is the new normal.

The industries had to change their way of working overnight and many hit their lowest during the pandemic. As the situation is now normalising along with opening up job opportunities, the question here is what are the changes or learnings that one must take from the pandemic?

Many aspiring professionals have started to understand the need for higher studies and better preparation for the uncertainties during these times. Many were reluctant about pursuing professional courses but as times can change any day, the grave importance of being prepared has now been understood by many.

Building a career during a crisis could be extremely challenging but here is one of the best business schools in the country addressing the problem step by step to help students in their career.

Recently Global Institute of Business Studies held a panel discussion with some of the prestigious members from various fields of life to discuss the career changes the students should be ready for after the pandemic.

The panel had some of the best professionals like Gaurav Nigam from Infosys, Hari Karcheria – Sr. Director in GIBS, Nazia Sultana – Corporate Trainer at GIBS. the panel was joined by three ex-students of GIBS who are now excelling in their fields and one student who hosted from the present batch.

The interesting discussion on how pandemic has changed the industry’s approach and how students and young professionals can cope up with the same was quite insightful. Mr.Gaurav Nigam, a successful professional noticed the change and shift from the consumer’s point of view as well. He mentioned how it is very important to be prepared for all kinds of circumstances and how companies started empathising rather than selling.

Making a very interesting point, Ms.Shraddha threw light on the importance of always learning new things and upscaling the skill set to match the ever-evolving world of corporate. This time should be used as an opportunity to build skills that might bring you better opportunities in your career. A student must upgrade!

Bharti Kushwala said it is important to take a collaborative approach and not the tripod approach while in a crisis. Students should learn the art of being empathetic while working for an organisation and not just take advantage of being a leader. “ taking everyone together and taking everyone through the difficult times together”

GIBS is known for nurturing young minds and preparing them for their future endeavours. Their programs are holistic in nature and bring out the best version of each student. As Ms.Nazia Sultana Said “ youngsters are very adaptable” and enabling them to reach their full potential are colleges like GIBS that are instrumental.

GIBS offers an array of activities that transform the students and lets them build new skills that are important to become valuable professionals. As technology is extremely important today, students must remember that they will be hired for their skills and not technology.

Mr.Gaurav mentioned that a student can build their skills with the help of technology but what they have to deliver is their core knowledge about the business. He said that instruments, changes and another sort of instruments can complement a student’s core but cannot be the only quality that the student should have. GIBS train their students with theory knowledge accompanied by practical knowledge which helps the students to execute the process and add value from the very beginning.

GIBS prepares its students through its various exclusive activities like IRE school that promotes innovation, a happiness program that takes care of mental health, unique mentoring models and more. These are unique ways to enable students to flourish in tier careers even in times of uncertainty.

If you are looking for a college that will help you become a professional who can adapt to the constantly changing industry then the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore awaits to shape your career in the best possible way!

GIBS Is Promoting Mental Health For A Brighter Future – Let’s Find Out How!

Today in a world full of competition it is extremely important to take care of your mental health. Students are continuously studying and competing against each other. The pressure is too much at times and it is evident that students struggle to keep up with the increasing competition around them.

What is the real problem here?

The mental health of the student!

From peer pressure to parents, there is a kind of unsaid pressure that is constantly put on children. The rat race is now out of control and one thing that is missing today is having satisfaction with what one has achieved.

Suicide rates among students have always been on the higher side. People fail to understand how the students are constantly being judged and measured on the basis of just marks. Students unknowingly become a part of the rat race and forget about simpler things in life that can actually bring happiness.

Is Happiness is the key to success?

Yes! It is one of the most important factors that enable an individual to be content and satisfied with all kinds of achievements. Students at a business school face tremendous pressure of gaining knowledge, cracking internships and placements and constantly competing with each other.

Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the finest business schools in India and has some of the best offerings. It aims to nurture future leaders and transforms lives with knowledge and beyond classroom experiences.

GIBS aims to teach students the skills of managing not only to work in the corporate world but also to live in the real world. The faculty members are highly qualified and ensure a world-class educational experience for the students.

Along with infrastructural brilliance that facilitates the experience for students, GIBS promises to take care of mental health as well. It constantly makes efforts to make the learning environment a happier place for the students.

GIBS has initiated the Happiness Program for its students. This program emphasises achieving satisfaction with work. In this program, the students are taught the art to be happy with simpler things in life.

Today in the fierce world of competition, people tend to exert themselves for absolutely no reason. The happiness program conducts various activities that help the students to stay content with their progress. The activities encompass laughter yoga, meditation and more such activities.

GIBS is one of the first business schools to realise how important mental health and happiness is in a student’s life.

Recently, while there are many institutions that have now started focusing on the mental health of the students after GIBS started, a panel discussion was held. Some of the biggest names were a part of this webinar where each had made a point and explained how exactly happiness can be achieved.

The panel had some of the most prestigious speakers like Tripti Anand – entrepreneur and counsellor, Dr.K. Aparna Rao – Director L&D at GIBS, Hari Karcheria – Sr. Director Placement & L&D at GIBS and Ritesh Goyal – Managing Director and Chairman in GIBS.

Ritesh Goyal had started the happiness program personally and eventually started involving more than 500 people today. The intention behind starting the Happiness Program at GIBS was to ensure there is contentment, happiness and joy in the entire learning process.

The rat race can be tiring and can get the best of you put to waste but through the happiness program, Ritesh Goyal wanted to change this scenario. It is very rare that an institute takes an initiative that can cure many with happiness and exercises related to it.

Each panel member along with student representative, Sravani Valluri made some very interesting statements addressing the real problem today. Tripti Rao emphasised how students forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and are always seeking more. She said that it is important to enjoy little things in life which could be a cup of coffee as well.

Mr.Ritesh Goyal said he is a happier person now after being a part of the happiness program and wanted the students of GIBS to experience the same. He spoke about the simple laughter exercise that everyone can do for only 10 minutes and see a drastic change in dealing with life.

Dr.K. Aprana Rao spoke about how the only thing that separates a good student from a great student is happiness. If the students happy and calm in life then nothing can stop them from excelling in life.

GIBS is known to have a learning environment laced with fun and extracurricular activities that makes the teaching-learning process extremely interesting and fruitful, making each student a potential leader of all good things in any field they choose to be in.

Today if you are looking for an institute that not only takes care of your academic needs but also helps you in dealing with pressures of success then the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore is your place to be in.

Enjoy the world of knowledge and a beyond classroom experience at GIBS and choose happiness for the rest of your life!

IRE School – Teaching Pedagogy By GIBS!

Doing a professional course is a level up in one’s career. People often take this up before they enter the world of business. Professional courses act as a catalyst in building a career, giving direction and building a pathway to your success.

Business schools today are offering various types of courses to ensure better education and coverage of specific needs of the industry. From MBA to PGDM, a variety of professional courses catering to every field is now available.

It is the ways of teaching and learning that set a college apart from the rest of the colleges. There are so many that it becomes challenging to choose the right one. Let us tell you why the Global Institute of Business Studies could be a platform for you to kick start your career in the right direction.

Global Institute of Business Studies is an educational institute that aims to transform young talented individuals into professionals that become an asset to the organization. From international associations for a global perspective to a happiness program that takes care of the student’s mental health, the Global Institute of Business Studies has ensured a complete education.

Among the many unique features of the Global Institute of Business Studies, IRE school is the most exceptional innovation done. This school is a thoughtful initiative that encourages students to put their best foot forward as they enter the real world.

IRE stands for Innovation, Research And Entrepreneurship. This promotes the importance of research and helps students to innovate various solutions. The entire process of learning research and innovation helps them to become future leaders or entrepreneurs. The confidence to start something of their own is instilled with various activities and methods.

A team of experts will guide each of the young future entrepreneurs to bring out their true potential. It is based on the action-learning model. Where the learning happens beyond books and classrooms. The students are more confident as they learn through applying their knowledge.

Each Friday is dedicated to IRE school where fun and knowledge is amalgamated for students who are looking for more than bookish knowledge. The IRE school entails three labs, Innovation Lab, Research Lab and Entrepreneurship Lab. These labs enable the 1st year’s students to experiment with their knowledge in various fields under the guidance of experts.

The curriculum here consists of many expert sessions, workshops, seminars and many more. Each session is an insightful knowledge session that gives the learning of the students a new perspective.

IRE school is a catalyst that empowers the students to do more than just learning the basic curriculum that will be available in any other college. The cut-throat competition can only be eliminated if you are doing something exceptional and uneatable. IRE gives you that opportunity to shine bright.

Students here develop concepts, ideas, plans, business models through real-time research. The students are evaluated on factors like how well the ideas resonate in today’s time and how the students are researching.

Research and Innovation are the two principal mechanisms in today’s technology-driven world. Industries can only move forward when new ideas and concepts emerge along the way. GIBS has taken this responsibility to train students to become capable of inventing and innovating solutions and ideas that have the potential to become an industrial revolution.

Global Institute of Business Studies also has a Research, Innovations and Business Centre that offers students the opportunity to explore varied disciplines. The aim is to empower students with insights, research, entrepreneurial activities and more, enabling them to create the change that can enhance the world.

IRE School is one of the many ways in which GIBS is empowering and nurturing future leaders. Let us tell you some more of its unique ways of paving the way to a successful career.

Global Institute of Business Studies – Best Place for A Budding Professional!

It is important to understand the role of a college in your career. A good college will bring out your true potential and help you achieve the success you deserve. Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the top colleges of the country today, enabling many to become leaders in the world of business.

Things that you will only find in the Global Institute of Business Studies:

– Global Immersion Program
– Financial Assistance
– Internal Quality Assurance Cell
– Value Added Program
– Happiness Program
– Foreign Associations
– Dedicated Placement Cell
– Unique Mentoring Model
– Corporate Internships

To know more about the above offering visit the website or just get in touch with the Global Institute of Business Studies.

Welcome to GIBS – One of the Top B-schools in India!

In today’s world, people are so impatient about achieving the goals that they end up taking the wrong or rather the longer path. Often people forget how important it is to choose the right college after deciding about the right professional course. The problem here is that when you choose a college that doesn’t give it all to help you kickstart your career then you lose on time and money. 

It might get a little challenging to know whether the college is suitable or not. Look out for the basic thing at first like the campus, reviews about the college, courses they offer and in what other ways they will be adding value. 

After you are over with careful screening of the basic things then look for advanced additions like financial assistance, placement assurance, extra activities for self-development and more. While you do your research you will be able to understand the difference considering the detailed websites the colleges have today. 

Always Remember: Transparency is the key! If the college is stressing every small detail then you are in the right place! 

Global Institute of Business Studies – Adding value to your aspirations! 

There are a number of colleges that offer professional courses to young budding professionals. India has always stressed the importance of giving good education to young minds and changing the future with knowledge. The country today hosts over 1000 colleges and universities that offer MBA, PGDM and other professional courses. 

Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the top business schools in the country. GIBS takes pride in giving its students a top-notch experience at the college with the help of excellent features. 

Global Institute of Business Studies is known for its extremely competent and practical ways of teaching. Their exceptional features enhance the whole professional course. From experienced teachers to globally acclaimed curriculum to 100 percent placement guarantee, GIBS has a lot to offer. 

Discover your true potential with the best of facilities at GIBS. Over 250 hostels laced with top-notch features, host the students and offer a comfortable stay. GIBS has been awarded for its infrastructural excellence. 

The courses hosted by GIBS are more futuristic and give the students an opportunity to unveil their true talents. The college is connected with the best of international schools and universities to ensure an international standard in their courses.  

More than 5 international education collaborations and an internal board who are constantly making changes in the programs to make them more industry-relevant and fruitful for the students.

Their global immersion program allows students to visit international universities and gain in-depth knowledge. 

Value-added programs and worships by foreign professors and student exchange programs are also available for the students. A golden opportunity awaits here! 

Their connection with globally acclaimed universities helps them plan a curriculum that entails knowledge about what is happening in the international business world. This helps the students to have an edge over their competitors. 

GIBS is the 14th best business school in Karnataka and 20th best Business school in the country. Its unique and modern ways take their teaching-learning process a level up. They have the strongest alumni network who constantly work towards making the GIBS community better. 

70% action model learning helps students to apply the knowledge they gain from teachers from all around the world. The international analysis of the subjects gives the students a better understanding of the topics. 

Many committees and clubs are formed for the students with appropriate guidance, giving the students a chance to showcase their abilities and potential. Students here are trained to become the future leaders adding value to any industry the step into. 

To help the college maintain its excellent reputation and standards in education, there is an internal quality check done to eradicate the shortcomings. From financial assistance to better opportunities, GIBS has it all. 

You could discover your abilities as an entrepreneur as well in their special initiative, the IRE school. Here students are encouraged to innovate, research and learn entrepreneurship. This not only prepares them for better career opportunities but also learn skills like quick decision making, understanding the pros and cons, and more. 

If you are looking for a college that will help you achieve your dreams then the Global Institute of Business Studies is the business school you need. Give your career the perfect assistance to flourish and achieve success.


Things That You Will Only Find In GIBS!

Today as the demand for professional courses has risen immensely, the number of colleges offering professional courses is increasing too. The country now hosts more than a thousand business schools offering PGDM and MBA courses. Choosing the right college for your professional course can be a little challenging. 

What Are The Things That You Should Look For In Your College? 

A professional course is not just an educational experience but a life-changing program that enhances your entire professional career. It helps you to grow as a professional and become an asset to the company. Adding value to your workplace will only be possible if you are trained intensively by experts. 

When you are finding and searching about the college for your PGDM course, look for:

Reputation Of The College! 

While you research, know where the college stands. How is it perceived by the students – rev and how has it been valuable in building careers and exceptional professionals. Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the top colleges in the country and is known for its exceptional PGDM programmes.

Infrastructural Facilities And Faculty Members.

A PGDM course can only be fruitful if it is enabled by experienced teachers and a campus that encourages knowledge. From labs to fun campuses to globally acclaimed teachers, GIBS has given priority to all. 

Program Structure Matters! 

The program you choose must be a well-planned program laced with all the industry-relevant topics and activities. Professional courses act as a power booster in your career. A PGDM course helps you achieve a  direction in your career and work towards your goals. The curriculum must be planned in such a way that it enables students to flourish. 

Study All Kinds Of Assistance You Can Get From The College. 

A good college will assist you in many ways. From financial assistance for higher education to placement assistance, a good college will help you. Make sure you check all the job companies that come at the college’s recruitment drive. At GIBS you will get assistance in internships, placements and finances from the best of organisations. Brilliant right?

What if we tell you that you can get more than this? 

Yes! At Global Institute of Business Studies, you can get more! 

Things You Will Only Find At GIBS: 

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The IQAC team looks into the college’s progress in achieving the desired goals related to the quality of education. This is done twice every year, ensuring the college is always keeping quality as a priority. The team consists of members for the GIBS management, taking the help of industry experts for an impartial examination. 

Financial Assistance 

GIBS offers financial assistance to students for pursuing higher education. They are associated with many banks, ensuring the availability of the best financial scheme. The goal is to give everyone an opportunity to grow and follow their dreams. 

IRE School 

IRE school is a unique school formed by GIBS where students are encouraged to develop their skills of innovation, research and entrepreneurship. This is a platform for students to innovate and create unique projects, business models, solutions, and more under the guidance of experts. It is a fun way of learning critical thinking, being quick with decisions and to be able to research perfectly. 

Value Added Programmes 

GIBS offers many value-added programmes that help the students to develop themselves holistically. Some of the most popular programmes have been the SAP, Six Sigma, International Sales, Design Thinking, Campus to Corporate and many more such uniquely designed. Students experience a more comprehensive curriculum. 


The VMOSA model resonates with all our talented students. This model also helps in maintaining the standards of education at GIBS. 

V – Vision of all the idealistic goals. 

M – A mission to recognise the true potential of the college and achieve the vision. 

O – Objective gives clarity about the end results and how to achieve.

S – Strategy incorporating essential steps to achieve the goals. 

A – Action Plan of practical and thoughtful steps for accomplishing the goals. 

Global Immersion Programme

The students are given the golden opportunity to take an international tour during their course. The tour hosts a number of industrial visits, University visits, workshops, Guest lectures and sightseeing. This helps the students to get an understanding of the international perspective. The experience of learning new ways in a foreign country is the most fruitful way to gain an edge over others. 

Unique Features That Set GIBS Apart From The Rest!

GIBS hosts an array of other features that you might not find anywhere else. From a unique mentor model to the global immersion programme to celebrating knowledge with Joy of Learning Month, GIBS has done its best to give you a unique experience laced with knowledge and beyond. 

GIBS promises a balanced experience that entails knowledge, unleashing of true potential, fun and nurturing talents to become their best version. 

Come experience the best of knowledge at Global Institute of Business Studies!

The Innovative Ways of Nurturing Talents At Global Institute of Business Studies.

India hosts a number of business schools with the best designed programmes that help young minds to achieve what they wish for in their careers. A professional course is usually an amalgamation of theory and practice of business-related skills. 

Management courses or any kind of professional courses help an individual to do well in their careers right from the beginning. It is a fulfilling experience of knowledge and learning. Global Institute of Business Studies is the perfect kick-start to a successful career. 

Their goal is to nurture talents and transform them into professionals who are able to bring a change in the world of business. Their programs encompass unique ways of imparting knowledge about every aspect that makes up a business.  

The corporate world is changing every day and staying updated is downright important. Global Institute of Business Studies offers an industry-relevant curriculum that is taught by the globally acclaimed faculty members. 

Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country that hosts an array of programs that deal with many areas of a modern business and industry. 

Every college ensures the best infrastructure, teachers and curriculum but to make a mark you will need more. You will need special abilities like quick ideas, suggesting adaptive changes for better and the calibre of researching well. 

Global Institute of Business Studies is a promise to the aspiring talents who dream of beginning a successful career. Their unique strategies to enhance a student’s career has been some of the key reasons behind the success of the college. 

A blend of knowledge and extra-curricular activities to give the students an enriching experience. Let us discuss the most innovative initiatives taken by Global Institute of Business Studies, The IRE School.

What is IRE School by Global Institute of Business Studies?

Are you looking for a college that will give more? Global Institute of Business Studies introduces IRE School, an exciting program that’s one of a kind. 

Today the corporate world is extremely competitive and to ensure that you have a safe place you have to be better. Understanding the competition and its tough fight, Global Institute of Business Studies discovered a new program. 

The Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship School or the IRE School is an initiative that promises to transform lives for the better. One has to learn how to stand out from the crowd. A pool of young talents await for every single job and to make sure that you get through you have to give an extra effort. 

Along with an amazingly well-planned professional course, you can now have access to more. Every Friday is dedicated to IRE school by Global Institute of Business Studies. The IRE School encompasses three uniquely designed labs, Innovation Lab, Research Lab and Entrepreneurship Lab.  

It intensively trains and enables students of the first year PGDM to innovate, research rightly and learn the nuances of being an entrepreneur. The program is designed with umpteen activities, sessions by experts, workshops and many such fruitful experiences. 

The students are encouraged to come up with innovative and exceptional ideas, concepts, products, business plans and other such unique researches. This helps the students to deliver the best of their capabilities and gradually become an asset professionally. 

Global Institute of Business Studies aims to empower students with meaningful knowledge, example-based learning and insightful research capabilities. It aims to remove obstacles and the traditional ways of learning from professional courses. 

More information about Global Institute of Business Studies

It is important to understand the role of the college in your professional course. Before you step into the world of business, you must be prepared to embark on the professional journey. You can only be prepared if your college offers the best of everything to ensure proper education about how a business works. 

GIBS is not just a college but a platform to enable the students to flourish in their careers in the right way and get their dream job. 

What are the specializations available at Global Institute of Business Studies? 

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Finance Management 
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. International Business Management
  5. Operations and Supply Chain Management
  6. Business Analytics Management 
  7. Entrepreneurship Management 

Global Institute of Business Studies is associated with international universities to ensure top-notch standards, some of them are:

  • Nottingham University, UK
  • Stevenson University, USA
  • Lincoln College, US
  • Lincoln University, Malaysia
  • Putra Business School, Malaysia

Notable Features that will enhance your career:

Career opportunities through the efficient placement cell. 

Freedom to choose specializations. 

Opportunities to present ideas for business, products and services.

Practical knowledge to understand the complexities of the world of business.

Discover the endless opportunities to make an impact on your career at Global Institute of Business Studies. 

Apply today and start your success story!

GIBS, A Unique Path To Success!

A management course is one of the most fulfilling experiences in the life of a professional who wants to pursue a career in the world of business. From learning new things related to the business to self-development, management courses are the biggest turning points in the career.

Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country hosting PGDM and BBA courses. Each course is carefully designed keeping in mind all the possible ways of taking students closer to a successful career. The institute not only offers a professional course that enhances skills but it as a unique endeavour in life.

Today, India has numerous colleges and universities that host professional courses like PGDM, MBA, and more. It is important to understand that choosing the right course and the right college. Both hold immense importance in acquiring the most from the course.

GIBS is known for its extremely well-planned curriculum encompassing internationally accepted syllabus and activities. The entire course is an opportunity for students to explore their abilities under the guidance of experts from all over the world.

Pro-tip to all those who are looking for a college to pursue the PGDM:
Make sure to choose a college that gives equal importance to workshops, training, seminars, and other extra-curricular activities. This will not only help you in seeking a comprehensive learning experience but also prepare you for the real world of business.

GIBS hosts an array of features that enables a student to bring out their best version in front of their employers. From letting the student learn entrepreneurship to helping them to come up with innovative business ideas, GIBS lets the student go beyond limits.

GIBS believes in ‘Nurturing Talents’, giving everyone a chance to achieve their goals. The PGDM course is a unique blend of business analytics and soft skills training to enhance young talent.

How Will Global Institute of Business Studies Make A Difference In Your Life?

Endless Opportunities.

From hundred percent placements to fruitful internships, Global Institute of Business Studies allows every student to put their best foot forward. GIBS promises a bright future and helps the students to polish their skills and caliber to make their mark on the world of business.

GIBS is associated with more than 600 companies who are present at the recruitment drive. Every opportunity is achieved through sheer hard work and a lot of research by the placement cell. The importance of getting a dream job is clearly understood and prioritized by GIBS for its students.

Campus Life on Point

When you are doing your research you must make sure that the campus is good enough to host your dreams. GIBS offers a campus that screams knowledge and fun from every corner, giving the students a good time while they make careers. The advantages of having a good campus life are many but some of them are making memories of a lifetime and being energized to give your best. A constant enthusiasm is there while studying when the campus is lively.

More than 250 hostel facilities are available for the students laced with top-notch features like banks and other essentials. It has been awarded as the 4th best business school in the country for its infrastructural brilliance.

Internationally Connected

GIBS is connected to more than five international universities to give the students a curriculum that is industry-relevant and future-ready. The curriculum is very carefully planned, keeping in mind the international standards of knowledge the country’s business will need.

This unique collaboration helps the students become valuable professionals to their organization as they apply analysis and research skills that are ahead of their time in the national scenario of business. In today’s rapidly changing world of business, this attribute is one of the most important points that employers look for in their employees.

The students here get a chance to explore the top-ranked international universities and incorporate the new learnings in their career to excel.

The above three features are some of the brilliant ways with which the Global Institute of Business Studies is changing lives for the better. GIBS helps each student to reach their true potential and flourish in their careers.

Some More Unique Features Of GIBS:

It is awarded as one of the best business schools in the country for its unique teaching methodology. Its approach to impart knowledge is known to be student-centric and research-based. 15th best school in Karnataka, GIBS takes pride in having one the strongest alumni that constantly contribute to the GIBS community.

60% action model learning gives every student the ability to apply knowledge right from the beginning. A holistic knowledge sharing experience for the students through more than 8 committees and clubs formed with enthusiastic students and mentors to help you shine in all the possible ways. Beyond classroom experiences at GIBS awaits your presence and dreams!

Apply now!

Looking for a Golden Opportunity? Fill The GIBS Application Before the 14th Feb.

Today the competitiveness in the corporate world is at the pinnacle. Thousands of young professionals are applying for the same job and only one vacancy. Sounds difficult right? It’s time to make a mark with the Management Courses at GIobal Institute of Business Studies.

PGDM is a professional course that one pursues after graduation to get that extra edge over the rest. Today, employers in the world of business are looking for professionals who add value, know the business, is aware of each aspect and process and has a global perspective. 

To acquire these skills and a lot more you must pursue a PGDM course that enables you to fulfil all your dreams and goals. Your aspirations must be directly proportional to the international standards of the course. Incorporating success in your career is now easy with PGDM courses in Global Institute of Business Studies. 

A piece of advice: Always choose a well-reputed college to get access to more opportunities and more knowledge. 

Explore New Possibilities In Your Career With Gibs!

GIBS is known for its extremely competitive PGDM courses that are planned and well-thought. Every part of the curriculum is planned in a way that it helps the student to understand the business better. 

With the guidance of experts and experienced faculty members from all of the world, students are constantly learning how to unleash their true potential and calibre. The PGDM course is a comprehensive approach to understand business and the details of the corporate world. 

Its international connections are one of the key reasons for its popularity among young and aspiring students. Today, GIBS is ranked among the top business schools in the country because of its unique teaching pedagogy. 

GIBS hosts a number of activities for its students to ensure the development of other skills that can enhance their personality. From communication skills to presentation abilities, each part of the student’s personality is addressed and enhanced. The workshops, training, seminars and other such fruitful activities aim to prepare the student for the real world. 

GIBS makes sure to address entrepreneurial skills as well. Some students have the potential to innovate and start something new and add value to the nation but lack the right path. At GIBS the students are prepared for being an entrepreneur as well. From analytical thinking to quick problem-solving skills, every aspect is taught in great detail. 

GIBS encourages innovative business ideas and has an array of features that brings out the best version of the students. It helps all the young minds to go beyond limits and prove their calibre to the world. 

“Nurturing Talents” is what GIBS believes in. It believes that every student has the capability to conquer the world of business with proper guidance and mentoring. The PGDM course at GIBS is a unique amalgamation of soft skill training and business analysis. The perfect mix to ensure every talent gets their chance to fulfil their dreams! 

Here’s A Sneak Peek Of The List Of Advantages That You Will Have At Global Institute Of Business Studies:

Today the country hosts a huge number of colleges and universities for business studies and professional courses. To ensure that you get the most and achieve greater heights of success in life, GIBS has a very well planned campus that screams knowledge from every corner. Below are some of the most important features that you must look for while you look for a college to pursue your dreams! 

  1. Academic associations with foreign universities. 
  2. An international standard in the curriculum for better understanding. 
  3. Globally acclaimed faculty members to ‘nurture talents’
  4. Numerous training programs for better skill development. 
  5. International assignments for a more global perspective on business. 
  6. 100% internships and placement opportunities for each and every student. 
  7. A fun learning environment at the campus. 
  8. Global advisory board to implement changes, ensuring industry-relevant curriculum. 

GIBS also takes care of their students’ mental health with happiness program design specially to take care of the student’s mental health. Competitiveness and aspirational are great qualities to possess but are exhausting at the same time. Being at peace and being mindful is much needed to ensure the best performance in pressure as well. 

Your Last Opportunity To Make A Mark Is Now! 

GIBS is now waiting to usher in talents from all over the country. The last date for filling the application form is 14th February and you would not want to miss this golden chance.  

GIBS is a unique way to success in the corporate world. Its extreme competent ways of teaching, hosting activities and staying in touch with top-notch universities are some of the reasons that can enhance your career for the better. If you want to make it big in your life then this is the right way. 

Get an edge over others and understand business with a global perspective at GIBS. give your career a direction with its umpteen PGDM and BBA courses that are truly designed to encourage young talents. Each specialization has its own charm and teaches the entire business in the most fulfilling way. 

Hurry! Your path to success is waiting for you at GIBS.

Here’s All That You Must Keep In Mind Before Giving MAT.

India is known to be the hub of education. The country’s education system is one of the most globally acclaimed and fulfilling systems in the world. From the beginning, professionals who wanted to make a mark in the corporate world had to make sure they stood out from the hundreds of other young and talented professionals. The one way by which you can level up in your career is by pursuing a professional course.

The tremendous rise in the number of students who want to pursue an MBA degree has given birth to competitive exams. It is true that after graduating you will not be receiving offers of managerial posts. The next step that one must take to achieve greater heights in a career is doing an MBA course.

As we mentioned there are millions of students who are competing with each other to get into the best colleges. It is extremely important to get into the right college for a professional course. A good college aims to transform an individual into a professional who is befitting in the corporate world.

An MBA college accepts scores of competitive examinations and then considers a candidate for admissions. There is an array of competitive exams today. Gone are the day when there was only IIMs and XLRIs giving credible degrees in MBA. the country now hosts several great colleges like Global Institute of Business Studies that offer the best of everything.
As MAT, competitive exams accepted by top colleges, will be conducted in February, let’s give you an idea about all things related to MAT.

What Is MAT?

MAT is the abbreviation for Management Aptitude Test, an online entrance exam conducted by AIMA, All India Management Association. MAT score is accepted by most of the top colleges in the country.

What Is The Pattern?

The pattern of the paper is as follows:

What Kind Of Topics You Must Study If You Want To Crack MAT With Good Scores?

Learn language skills and comprehension. English plays an important role as a language that is understood by most people. It is important to know English every MBA course uses English as its primary language.

Brush up your mathematic skills as throughout your life you will need maths. MAT concentrates greatly on Maths skills and has some tricky questions.

Basic Data analysis and understanding of data should be practiced.

Give importance to critical thinking and logical reasoning. This part takes most of the time and can be extremely confusing if not understood.

General knowledge about the world is essential as a chunk of the question paper has questions on this genre.

When Does It Take Place?

The MAT exam is conducted quarterly in February, May, September, and December. This allows the student to re-appear in the same year itself in case if you do not score well on the first attempt. You’re not wasting a year here.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose MAT Over Others?

1. You can apply to most of the top colleges for your MBA.
2. You can reappear in the same year as it takes place quarterly.
3. The difficulty level is comparatively lesser but needs equal attention.

What Should You Keep In Mind On The Day Of The Exam?

1. Prepare and Practice all the previous years’ question papers to understand the pattern and types of questions.
2. Make sure you keep a check on the exam dates.
3. Print the admit card and keep it safe, without that you will lose a chance to appear.
4. Make sure to be at your center a little before the time of reporting.
5. Carry valid identification proof.

Some Tips That Can Help You To Prepare For Your MAT Exams:

Make sure that you focus on the topics that you can understand easily. You can skip a few questions if you score better in other sections.

MAT mock tests are the best way to prepare. You will be able to gain knowledge about the syllabus and the kind of questions you will have to answer.

Make pointers and short notes for revision purposes. Instead of studying fat books every day make a gist of the topics and learn from your notes. This helps you understand things better.

Just because you are good at a few topics that doe not mean you will let go of all the other topics. You must have a basic understanding of all the topics as the difficulty level varies each year.

The last fifteen days must be dedicated to revision.

Concentrate on all your weak points and start working on them.

How Will MAT Help You Achieve Your Goals?

MAT scores can give you the golden opportunity to get admission in the top and reputed colleges like GIBS. This will accelerate your growth in your career and bring endless opportunities to flourish.

GIBS is known for its competitive and industry-relevant curriculum. It ensures that every student is given a global perspective on how a business works. At GIBS every training session, workshop, and other activities aim to unleash the true potential of an individual. Its efforts to prepare the students for the world of business is commendable and recognized by the country.

The placement cell at GIBS is one of the best that ensures 100% placements and internships. This helps the students stay motivated and through internships, they get a clear idea of all the business processes. The college gives importance to the overall development of the students. It hosts an array of events and committees where students participate and enhance their skills. From communication to presentations, each aspect that makes a professional become an asset to the company. Sounds like the perfect college right?

To all the students who are preparing for the MAT February Exam, all the best for your future endeavours, and may you pass with flying colours.

CAT results are out! What’s Your Next Step?

CAT is one of the competitive exams that allows you to apply in business schools for your further education. It is known to be one of the most difficult and challenging exams among a variety of others. Recently the results for CAT 2020 were published and here are the heartiest congratulations to all!

Pat yourself on the back for completing the mammoth task of passing CAT successfully!
Now that the result is out and you have done well for yourself what should you do next? This phase is the most crucial as well as challenging part of the entire process. Your dream of becoming a successful professional now needs to be shaped into a reality. You are done with your first big step of clearing a competitive exam and now you have to choose a course and college befitting your career plans.
Most of the students do list down the preferred colleges but if the results don’t match the cut-offs then it’s time for you to analyze your options. There are a few basic steps that one must follow are we have listed them below:

· Analyse CAT results and start looking for Institutes that accept CAT results in their admission process.
· Finalise a few of the colleges and check their deadlines for application submission.
· Check for the specializations that are available in the college. Try finding out the right combinations that will help you achieve your goals.
· Prepare and put together the documents that will be required by the college like mark sheets, attested copies, and more.
· Gear up for the next level of evaluation that will be conducted by the college like the GD-PI.

Pro-tip: Always look for colleges with 100% placements!

The College You Choose Is The True Game-changer For You!

It is important to choose a good college for your higher education as it will not only enhance your knowledge and skills but give a kickstart to your career. It is important to have a reputed enabler at the start of the career.
A good college offers programs that are well-planned with the help of experts. Every topic is covered and taught by highly qualified teachers. The importance of choosing the right college will eventually reflect on your career.
It is the game-changer! It can either help you stand out and become an exceptional asset for the company you will work for or just be an ordinary employee.

Global Institute of Business Studies – Uplift Your Career!

Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the most reputed colleges in the country and has been awarded for performance oar excellence in the education industry. it takes pride in being awarded as the 14th best B-School in Karnataka, 20th best B-School in India, and many more such prestigious recognitions. These awards authenticate their work of excellence that they have been doing for young talents.
GIBS wants to nurture talents and reform lives with its global approach to educating young minds. A unique combination of theory and practical knowledge is offered to the students for a better understanding of the business world. World-class teaching methods are recognized and appreciated by many educational committees.
GIBS believes that every student has the ability to do well only if there is proper career guidance right from the beginning. GIBS’ promise to impart knowledge and enhance business skills is fulfilled right from the start.
A truly enriching learning experience entailing workshops, seminars, training, and many such beyond classroom activities. All the activities are conducted by either the experts from the industry or highly qualified faculty members, ensuring the real challenges they will face.

Their efforts of giving the student a global perspective on the world of business are exceptionally good for a budding professional. This helps the students to understand and be aware of what is happening in different countries in terms of business.
The internationally accepted curriculum and international standards in teaching are because of their close association with top foreign universities. This sets them apart from many of the B-schools of India. Some of the prestigious foreign universities that GIBS has tie-up with to give the best to its students are:

Nottingham University, UK
Stevenson University, USA
Lincoln College, US
Lincoln University, Malaysia
Putra Business School, Malaysia

The students get an opportunity to make foreign study tours and get the golden chance to explore the nitty-gritty of foreign businesses. This helps them learn newer things, keep them aware of what can be the future of businesses, analyze possibilities that can be implemented in a business, and also the ability to enhance a business.
The ultimate goal is to get the job of your dream. After completing a post-graduation course, you would want to make sure you get a job that will justify the time and money you invested in the course. GIBS also gives 100% placements and internships with exciting roles and responsibilities in some of the best companies in the world.
GIBS also makes sure that the student receives the happiest learning experience and that is why they put in extra efforts to keep a check on the student’s mental health as well. Their HAPPINESS PROGRAM is a thoughtful initiative taken for the betterment of mental health as healthier minds are more successful!

Specializations that are offered by Global School Of Business Studies
From marketing to operations to becoming an entrepreneur, GIBS hosts an array of professional courses to give your career the right start. Some of the programs are

Marketing Management
Finance Management
Human Resource Management
International Business Management
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Business Analytics Management
Entrepreneurship Management

Understand various aspects of the business with their dual specialization modules and level up in the career. A campus that is fun and beautiful enabling students to achieve the most from their course.
What an experience it is right? Visit the college today!