GIBS brings you excellent career placement prospects

GIBS brings you excellent career placement prospects
Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore, Karnataka, ranks among the finest business colleges in the state and the country. Within a five year span of existence, GIBS has earned a position of prestige. Several recognitions and rankings have already placed it among the best. The best B school in Bangalore, through a dedicated and highly qualified faculty who are industry experienced, delivers realistic training in keeping with real-time career demands. As a result, the eager boys and girls are never at a loss when it comes to adjusting with the challenges of job positions with the leading companies.
Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore carry out a systematic transformation of the hesitating student through a series of stages that last a few semesters. Along with the crucial information dealing with the specialized fields like finance or human resources come the personal qualities. Successful managers are loyal to the company they serve and observe ethics and values. Along with a search for profits that every business deals with must come a commitment, zeal and dedication to national, social and family values.
Time and resources are always in short supply
At GIBS, it is always a race against time. Business courses are never as long as the medicine or the engineering courses that offer much longer time frames, though the course of studies may be more complex too. Each semester has too many lectures and assignments, club and committee activities, field visits and guest speakers. If it is a stressed lifestyle, health and relaxation, diet and sleep are very important too. The campus offers a variety of games and indoor activities, swimming pool and online surfing to get rid of the tedium.
The internship opportunity
The 45-day internship suddenly appears and it is time to practice many of the lessons delivered in lectures andlearned from other sources. It is a splendid chance to impress company directors and apply the thoughts in the mind. Though it is a small beginning, it could lead to great careers as has often happened with many bright boy and girls. Bangalore is crowded with some of the finest companies that deal in apparel or healthcare, food or telecommunications, automobile and insurance, to name a few crucial ones. In one sense, they are all similar. Competent executives are needed and expansion and diversification are on the agenda. Several companies seek new staff on the GIBS campus each year. Do you fancy an internship learning experience with Aegis, Hungerbox or Birla Sun Life Insurance?
Providing business services with regard to customer experience is top priority at this company that works on a global scale. They provide business solutions and strategies to work transparently with customers. Working with technology and outsourcing with mega-corporations across 30 years, they maintain 44 offices in 9 countries today. Working across a variety of sectors, they help companies transform and adjust, interact with customers and reach stunning successes. Innovative approaches help identify opportunities but following up and succeeding require further grit and patience amidst the heat of competition.
When business chances are discovered in the market, a company needs to develop the resources in term of finance, human resources and strategies to succeed. At such a moment, Aegis helps to formulate a plan of action with quick decisions and progressive plans to successfully deliver the solutions. Social media and business analytics are some of the new age fields at which they excel. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore do give students a taste of the new age companies and the qualities required to succeed.
Launched as recently as 2016, what could be more essential to life than food and the cafeterias that supply it? When food is combined with advanced technology, the result is splendid and that is exactly what happened here. In a world of websites and apps that govern everything needed ‘near me,’ it is a tremendous world of opportunity for those with the ideas, finance and motivation. The ISO 27001 certified company works with corporations of the stature of Accenture and Capgemini, HCL and Wipro, Microsoft and Qualcomm, among others. Technology facilitates Pre-ordering and Live Order Tracking, Digital Payments and Feedback Management, etc. Under their umbrella, thousands of food sellers came together as partners in 11 Indian cities. The 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program develops student business ideas with so many successful start-ups in Bangalore.
The name of the company leaves no doubts about the validity. Just like food, shelter and clothing are essential to existence, so is insurance to guard against a rainy day. Whether it is life or property, machinery, children and studies, health, retirement and the future, protections are needed. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore enables exceptional internship chances that often lead to bright placements.

At GIBS, Positive internships lead to top Placements

At GIBS, Positive internships lead to top Placements
The contemporary business world of mega-corporations appears seductive enough, and every executive would wish to rise the professional ladder to success. ‘How’ is the big question? If a genuine interest and aptitude for business do exist along with the necessary skills and abilities, an exceptional institution like Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, may succeed in translating juvenile dreams into action. Such has been the story of youth and their ideas through hundreds of colleges and universities the world over. Lucky are they who succeed at authentic institutions that provide placements with leading companies. Unfortunate is the many who obtain an academic education that does not stand them in sound professional positions and promises of placements do not come true. The best B school in Bangalore honors the internship and placement promises each year.
Bangalore, a galaxy of businesses, beckons!
Shall we name only a few of those stars that make up the business galaxy that holds out the infinite potential for business success? Internationally recognized symbols of commercial success, many like Nestle have become household names for generations. A long history of a company naturally goes through ups and downs, just like human life itself. Comparatively, start-ups nowadays are doing much better with the excellent benefits of technology that has unified the whole world with secure communications and instant transmission of information. No longer is it so difficult to procure finance or raw materials amidst the wonders of the internet. If the motivating idea is outstanding in terms of product manufacture or service delivery, be assured that success will follow after the inevitable hiccups. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore would show the way like a wise parent.
Finance and financial services lie at the core of business and industry. Human resources and raw materials would be unsustainable without adequate economic clout. The money, if available, will require careful management and investment to bring the best returns along with security. The Indian economy is blessed by stability and strength as among the biggest in the world. Edelweiss offers financial services in the realms of Credit (Retail, Corporate), Investment & Advisory (Wealth Management, Asset Management, and Capital Markets) and Insurance. Almost 500 office branches that employ 12000 workers manage services for over a million clients. Their branches and services extend all over the breadth and length of this vast country of India that has a glorious financial future.
Students of business certainly need to be dedicated to wealth creation, management, and consolidation through wise investments. What we experience each day in whatever sector like healthcare and hospitality, for instance, are different forms of wealth, whether it is real estate or raw materials that will lead to wealth creation. A good understanding of the economy and the mysteries of how money works are fundamental to business careers. Even though it is a short 45-day internship period, the lessons previously learned in the classes would be applied, and valuable training is undergone. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore recommend the best use of the internship period to impress the company bosses and attract good placements.
The company name may sound British but was initially established in India. Among the oldest Indian companies, the present owners are the Wadia Group, headed by NusliWadia. The biscuits and dairy products like cheese that they manufacture are sold throughout India and reach more than 60 countries globally. Trust and popularity, loyalty, and legacy are built over many decades, and Britannia is over a century old. Several generations grew up with these product names. Good Day and Tiger are some biscuit names. NutriChoice, Milk Bikis, and Marie Gold are others. Other trendy products sold are Bread and Cakes. Dairy products include Cheese and Beverages, Milk and Yoghurt.
Imagine the formidable task of managing and coordinating such a mighty enterprise! Workers and money, raw materials and production processes and then the marketing. Primarily, the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore teach some valuable business secrets. Many mysteries are solved when knowledge and skills show the way.
What we imagine as the small shops carrying out smartphone repairs have transformed into big, bold, and beautiful. Originating in 2013, the company has today more than a lakh satisfied customers and they have repaired and refurbished maybe 60000 smartphones. When it comes to broken glass or water damage, software problems or power issues, customers would certainly trust them more in comparison to the little neighborhood shop. With all that renowned expertise, they sell Refurbished, Unboxed, and Pre-owned smartphones.
Not everybody can afford those sky-high smartphones prices, nor can many people afford to change phones now and then. This company makes technology more affordable and reliable too, with top-notch services rendered by the qualified experts. It would be fascinating to work with them and explore their approach. The 2 year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program offers many learning opportunities like industrial visits and guest speakers along with the internships.

A GIBS dream that guides student accomplishments along business careers

AGIBS dream that guides student accomplishments along business careers
Established rather recently in 2014, Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, continues to labor to spread the light of value based business education. Goyal Educational Trust proceeds on an inspired mission to improve the lives and careers of the student community in a range of disciplines. Social service to improve health and education carries the message into the villages.
Lifestyles are quickly changing today and excessive technology and materialism have succeeded in robbing the human values that prevailed in India for thousands of years. We are certainly different from some other countries as the oldest civilization with many noble traditions to cherish. We cannot allow our spiritual values to be eroded, though international influences over the internet and the television are enriching.
Leadership with a human face
Amidst the science and industry, it would be a mistake to become too mechanical as if humans were machines. Automation and artificialintelligence do promote suchrote thinking. Students particularly are getting too muchinfluenced by digital technology. In a sense, humans are basically like plants that require air, water and sunshine! Yet, people require so much more to be truly happy and satisfied with their existence.
GIBS provides the intellectual nourishment that motivates a lifetime of services, whether as business managers or independent entrepreneurs. While the institution could cite a number of awards and placement records to their credit, it is the vision of a successful future for the students and the country that keeps the faculty going. The experienced faculty occupies the heart of the institution rather than the campus or the educational infrastructure. While it is true that the best training is made up of student experiences, those activities are controlled by the faculty.
A world of shared values
A caring and compassionate lifestyle is the target. Respect for culture and the dignity of labor are in great need today amidst the complex world. How can we honor ourselves without honoring the past and the national institutions? GIBS teaches the core values of loyalty and commitment as an important foundation of life upon which the towers of career success would be built. Just like a building rises confidently with tall towers on a strong foundation, so it is with human life. A variety of socio-economic cultural backgrounds among our students constantly remind that it is one united family in spite of the differences. Variety is indeed the spice of life with so many Indian states represented on the campus along with a few foreign influences.
A passage through the academic semesters
The world is getting more and more industrialized and business oriented. Political and social leaders have some close relationships with business too. The essentials of any enterprise like human resources, finance and raw materials for the production of goods or delivery of services apply to any human activity. Administration, study and spirituality would all be guided by similar factors.
In order to succeed in the world of mega-business, the boys and girls in the GIBS care need an international vision and the ability to work in cosmopolitan surroundings. Skills and techniques along with innovation, creativity and excellence would bring the best results. The long road to success begins within the walls of this institution that is dedicated to student careers.
The innate student potential even before they commence the management courses do impress. With the right guidance and influences, connections and study materials, they will get very far and conquer many peaks of learning. Soaring high in professional careers, perhaps a decade from now, the alumni would cherish the faculty that nurtured them and guide the juniors. Teaching is the mother of all professions and that explains why we are into elevating educational practices.

GIBS quest for social development continues with EDUTHON2k19

GIBS quest for social development continues with EDUTHON2k19
Education, health, and fitness being intimately related, over 130 spirited students participated in the grand beginning of a dedicated initiative. GIBS Social Foundation Trust organized the ‘EDUTHON2k19 – Run For Education’ Event that brought a tremendous response. Some things are universal, like the values that govern our lives. Health and education enrich our existence, and the weaker sections of society need enhancement. We need to go out to them to the distant villages and create awareness. Don’t you think it would be better to teach a man how to fish rather than merely distributing the things that they need?
The beginning of a rich legacy
‘EDUTHON2k19 – Run For Education’ Event on 11th May 2019 launches high hopes for underprivileged children by extending the torch of education and a chance to rise in life. Jobs and careers are directly related to literacy and vocational training, whether for short or long durations. Not every child is fated to endure through the infinite process of school and college education. Elementary education and basic training would suffice to make ends meet and provide careers with adequate incomes.
Freedom through knowledge
Along with economic independence in a job that is possible through training comes liberty of thought and willpower that transcends the world of ignorance. The strength resides in the mind that represents the peak. Promote literacy through books and teachers, and it is a world of freedom ‘where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high,’ according to Rabindranath Tagore.
Sportsmanship and humanity, physical fitness, and educational ideas are interrelated and complementary. The transformation of society is an enormous task, but it can be gradually achieved. Just like the ocean is primarily made up of a little drop of water, slow and sure efforts will surely succeed in the long run in building the just and caring society of our dreams.
GIBS spreads business dreams
Since 2014, Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, has been inspiring young boy and girls to build business careers embellished with values. Dedication to society and family, country, and traditions should go hand in hand. Professional accomplishments of the alumni should give something back to the society and the institution that helped them to grow wings and fly all over the world with prestigious companies in international environments.
Multipronged ventures
Along with the dynamic GIBS Academy work, the sister organizations like GIBS SOCIAL FOUNDATION. GIBS BUSINESS FORUM and GIBS SPORTS ACADEMY have their independent pursuits too. All four of them are allied in their efforts to build a society of more excellent health and educational awareness.
A world of corporates surrounds us
The immediate environment of IT capital Bangalore and the world in general eats sleeps, and thinks in business terms! Never before in the human history of thousands of years has existed the manufacture of goods and delivery of services on such a mammoth scale. The empires of mega-businesses today could be compared to the kingdoms of the olden days. Training business managers to shine in such a situation is challenging enough with updated ideas and skills. Preserving traditional values and resisting the urge to be starkly materialistic is stressful enough. A world of business is undoubtedly a world of big money and investment. The business aims for profit, and that has existed since the olden days. Getting carried away by money dreams needs to be avoided.
Corporate Social Responsibility Activity through GSF
GIBS Social Foundation is connected with the Government, Business, and Civil Society. Such a partnership can succeed better with joined hands. Neglected children and youth are the focus, and they need education most importantly. Literacy will lead to a better life with jobs and financial independence.
As is apparent, funds and donations will light up the way. Contributions in kind will also help the mission. Private donations, state funding by the government, and corporate funding provided by companies are all helping. Foreign funding also helps.
Dance, music, and magic shows by students collect money from ticket sales. Further fundraising activities that students can organize are leaflets and brochures. Sending out emails also get responses from donors. Donation boxes in shop and restaurants attract contributions. Candle and card sales generate incomes. A fundraising site on social media like Facebook and Twitter does create awareness and attracts donations.
Along with education, flood and earthquake relief activities are also supported by such funding.
First comes the consciousness and then comes the donation. Seminars on World AIDS Day, Environment Day, and Birthdays of National Leaders create awareness of the need to help backward children. Villagers need to be taught sanitation and cleanliness. Tree plantations are important. Orphanage and old age home donations and visits cheer up the inmates and entertainment keeps them happy.
Medical/blood donation camps have been an important activity. Used clothes and shoes, school bags and books have been donated. Free services have been rendered at government hospitals. The quest continues endlessly.

GIBS offers dynamic internships with leading food, medicine, and hospitality companies

GIBS offers dynamic internships with leading food, medicine, and hospitality companies
In order to shine in the extremely challenging business world, work experience during studies is essential. Global Institute of Business Studies encourages valuable internships with numerous Bangalore based industries in several sectors to get the first taste of work. In advanced countries like America, youngsters have an early experience of working life, perhaps to earn pocket money during school and college vacations. It is a pity that such a work culture does not exist in India. As a result, a vast difference exists between the academic world represented by books and the real working world out there where the eager boys and girls would probably spend the rest of their lives. Study at the best B school in Bangalore!

A mighty spectrum of business opportunities
IT and Apparel, Automotive and Banking, Engineering and FMCG, which internship would work best? Hospitality and healthcare are beautiful too? Manufacturing and Insurance? Operations, HR, Finance or Sales? Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore would inculcate the knowledge and skills required to succeed.

Don’t forget the inspired hard work that gets you there
The long and sometimes frustrating journey to business success starts with schooling. After 12 or 15 years of education, the entrance exam and a few semesters of diligent work, you are ready to climb the heights of corporate success. Avoid getting lost in dreams but follow the grassroots policy of working upwards. Keep the feet firmly on the ground and avoid unrealistic thinking. Entrepreneurs are starting their businesses too like the service professionals would follow similar approaches.
Essentials of life and living
One would say that food, shelter, and clothing are fundamentals for basic survival. Along with food, the healthcare and hospitality sectors deserve to become the mega-businesses that they genuinely are. Safeguarding health is, and hospitality again concerns food in restaurants but also refers to travel and tourism that have become essential to complete family life. Considering a few such examples, Nestle, Cadila Pharmaceuticals and JW Marriott represent some of those business segments that make human life worth living. Develop consciousness of mega-businesses and how they have shaped human existence, and business success will come closer within reach.
Nestle foods
The Henri Nestle story commenced in 1866 with the condensed milk business that almost everybody can now remember from childhood years long ago. Business with a conscience has become a blessing to humanity. Our lives are full of Nestle products, a global brand that is loved by youngsters and adults alike. Established in Switzerland, Nestle is a brand that has developed wings across the world and is recognized everywhere. Perhaps that is the vision of many companies, but few become legends that will happen only after a long period of existence. Technology has speeded up work processes, and the results are seen faster nowadays than ever before. Start-ups now have reached the top within a few years of founding and Bangalore has generated several of those. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore will show the way.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals
Caring for health and wellness, medicine manufacturers like Cadila have reached the pinnacle. Only the desire for profits would not drive them so much if it were not a sincere dedication to human welfare. Research forms the foundation that gives rise to the products that mean so much to the millions. Six decades of service in providing affordable and quality medicine with an India base is genuinely enlightening. Beyond the Indian borders, Cadila has touched the lives of people in 55 countries across the major continents. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore will get you connected with the business pulse.
JW Marriott hotels
From food and medicine to luxury hotels may not seem appropriate but the truth is that the business world must cater to the rich, the middle classes and the economically weak. Marriott hotels worldwide are recognized wherever you might travel and appreciated as a symbol of impeccable service. Such a signature means that it would be a lavish hotel stay backed up with the best food and drinks, room comfort and attendants. Work, travel, and vacations being facilitated so well, society certainly works and enjoys holidays better with such a trusted seal.
All the three companies being represented in the mighty Bangalore business world, if given a choice, where would the business trainees best prefer their internships? Don’t forget that it is the first experience with the world of work and it had better be excellent. In many cases, the impressed employers offer good starting appointments and careers are instantly made. Further, the thrill of earning a stipend perhaps for the first time is dramatic. Probably, the students do not have a choice regarding internship companies, but sometimes they do indicate preferences.
Get mentally prepared for professional challenges
Many good things will happen across a few semesters of the two-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program. Hard work, dedication and sincerity along with cooperation with the GIBS authorities would get you far along the international business highway.

Entrepreneurship Club at GIBS explores the future at TYCOON – 2K19

Entrepreneurship Club at GIBS explores the future at TYCOON – 2K19
Global Institute of Business Studies at Bannerghatta, Bangalore, owes its tremendous success partly to the faculty and the students. Guided by the concerned senior staff, the numerous Clubs and Committees have been providing ample opportunities to translate bookish theories into practice. Starting with multimedia classrooms, seminars, workshops and guest lectures, it is onwards into an exploratory world of business learning.
The best B school in Bangalore knows a few valuable secrets of the business world through the network of affiliations and company connections that provide internships and placements each year. Mentioning only a few of the many learning opportunities according to particular fields of interest, Gardening Committee, Maintenance Committee, Library Committee, Sports & Fitness Committee, Communications Club and Human Resources Club are a few of those ventures.
With TYCOON – 2K19 (Driven to be Entrepreneurs), it should be a systematic accumulation of business worthy ideas gathered in face to face discussions and brainstorming by the dynamic boys and girls.
BRAND RACE with Dr. M. Ramesh Kumar
On 8 May between 2-4 pm, an investigation into branding will keep the students busy. Megabrands that rule our business lives may be common enough, but how are brands built? The brand building formula will be studied and implemented in a series of steps to ensure visibility and motivate public loyalty and affinity for a brand. Start-ups have an advantage in starting from scratch. It is often found that an older brand requires updating and advertising strategies to bring new blood into the campaign. Since this is exactly the kind of duties brand managers are busy with, GIBS student have much to learn.
RURAL-Le-CARTE with Dr. M. Soumya
Marketing plans for rural products are the thrust in this session on 9 May between 10 am to 1 pm in the morning. While urban areas present the most opportunities for study and work, it is often said that India resides in the villages. That is true because the vast majority of the population lives in rural areas and food is grown there. Rural industries should be promoted and handicrafts should explore bigger markets. When the villages are happy, the nation would be at peace.
Reaching technology to the rural areas and branding and sales strategies for certain products would be on the agenda. A list of products would be provided and the chosen ones would be developed in terms of branding and sales strategies. If technology and the internet along with mobile phones reach rural areas as they are now doing in India, the task would be so well facilitated.
If there is something about business everybody knows about and understands today, it is e-business. On 9 May, at 2 to 4 in the afternoon, E-BIZ will be the agenda. Bangalore is well known for many enterprising start-ups that have reached big time very soon. How did they do it? Some light would be thrown during the course of this challenging session. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore require such dynamic sessions to stay alive and find inventive ideas.
Businesses commence with a website and will probably need an app too. A physical store, in addition, would be a blessing. Participants will create the website and then plan strategies to boost the business. It is a formula that works for most businesses but it cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ thinking. Originality and creativity with research into the product or service would be needed.
50 KA FUNDA with Mr. M. Girish Babu
The virtual world and digital currencies are very much an essential part of the current technology craze. Though we can see many mighty advantages of having the internet around, it does contribute to mental tensions, addictions and a world of nasty crime. Imagine having a currency of Rs. 50. On 10 May, between 2 and 5 in the afternoon, the students will play some entrepreneurship games. Beginning with that capital of Rs. 50, the task is to set up a product or service based business and explore avenues for development.
Will it be possible? How, when and where? Business history tells of many individuals who suffered hunger and homelessness but finally succeeded in setting up business empires. How did they succeed? Was it passion alone, divine luck or sheer grit? Perhaps we will find some answers. Study at the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore to develop business careers.
On 10 May, between 11 and 1 in the morning, it is time to tell stories of successful businesses. We learn from each other and successful entrepreneurs become a guiding light for potential business managers of the future who are growing their wings at GIBS. Patience and perseverance, the right decisions and teamwork, powerful leadership and dedication are some sterling approaches. The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program teaches so much and more.

9 Reasons Why You Should Pursue A PGDM

Post Graduate Diploma in Management or PGDM is one of the most sought-after courses for working professionals who need a boost in their career or for undergraduates looking for higher management studies. Today, a lot of colleges and universities offer a PGDM course with various specializations to prepare the students for the ever-changing needs of the industry. Specially designed to hone candidates with both managerial and leadership skills, PGDM is known to be an ideal choice for students looking for higher roles in the corporate world.


In addition to making students industry-ready, a PGDM polishes the overall personality of candidates by nurturing their soft skills, thereby opening many career avenues. Here are nine reasons why you should think about pursuing a PGDM-


Industry-centric programme- 

Autonomous universities usually offer PGDM courses, hence have the advantage of moulding the curriculum in accordance with the industry needs. With a more open-minded approach and learner-oriented syllabus, a PGDM course is often in sync with the corporate demands and therefore makes students industry-ready.


Choice of specializations- 

Providing students with the liberty to become experts in their area of interest, PGDM offers various specializations to choose from. Students can select from a wide array of electives such as marketing, finance, human resources, health care, entrepreneurship, and many more. This gives candidates the freedom to gain the right knowledge in the desired domain and achieve a high-ranking career in the same.


Nurtures in-demand skills-

Designed to focus on both the managerial and soft skills of a student, PGDM equips candidates to take up leadership roles in the corporate world after the completion of their degree. It nurtures students with the right business skills through their extensive curriculum while also developing soft skills like communication, leadership, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, etc. This helps students become effective leaders and meet industrial challenges with ease.


Global exposure and modern learning practices-

Apart from traditional classroom teachings, a PGDM offers industrial exposure to students through various internships and international assignments. Colleges, nowadays, also collaborate with foreign universities to provide students with cross-cultural training and global management aspects. A relatively contemporary practice, PGDM aids students to grab opportunities abroad.


Entrepreneurial opportunities-

The perfect stage for students aspiring to start businesses of their own or explore the start-up world, a PGDM equips one with the necessary skills to commence their ventures. Most colleges have also come with entrepreneur cells that provide candidates with the opportunity to pitch their ideas and shape up their personalities to succeed in this field.


Building network-

This might be one of the most significant reasons to pursue PGDM. It offers students excellent opportunities to build their network through internships and global assignments. This programme focuses on connecting candidates to business leaders with workshops and guest lectures. PGDM students are not only skilled individuals with the right capabilities but also get closely acquainted with the industry by interacting with corporate denizens.


Gain knowledge that lasts for a lifetime-

A PGDM equips students with essential industry expertise and skills that prove beneficial in the long-term as well. With modern teaching practices, this course is known to nurture real-life values in students that come in use in all spheres of their careers, be it in organizations or their businesses. It provides students with a broader perspective of the industry’s needs and challenges that last throughout their careers.


Progression within the organization-

Often opted by many working professionals, a PGDM helps individuals to enhance their career plans in their existing organizations. Since the programme is designed to focus on honing students in their area of interest, candidates gain benefits by improving their managerial and interpersonal skills in the same domain. This adds value to one’s profile and helps them to make advanced progressions in their current firms while opening doors to new opportunities.


High-paying jobs-

Last but not least, colleges that offer PGDM courses often provide students with excellent placement opportunities. With such improvement in skills and knowledge, it becomes easier for candidates to land high-paying jobs in some of the top companies. For working professionals, a PGDM may add value to their resume and can aid in getting promotions with a hike in their salary packages.


While a PGDM may sound like an exciting choice for students who seek higher positions in the corporate industry, it is essential to pursue it from a reputed institution. Designed to drive ambition in students to move into the management industry, this course is an excellent choice for people who wish to become effective leaders and lead organizations. However, one must carry out in-depth research about colleges, their syllabus, and the placements they offer before enrolling for the programme.

Catering to the present-day business world at GIBS, Bangalore

Life and times had transformed so much since 50 years ago when the Americans landed on the moon! Come to think of it. Space ventures have also changed and become big business deals. Living in an age of mega-businesses where chains of eateries and gymnasiums, libraries and transport agencies are obliterating small independent businesses, it is time to think again. While some people may regret the disappearance of traditional ethical values in the race to survive and prosper amidst mighty corporations, it is necessary to keep in tune with the times. The best B school in Bangalore equips the boys and girls with high standard business education along with personal development to cope with the stressful times ahead.

Surviving in the international marketplace!

Service is another name for the same work, but specific fields like hospitality that includes travel and tourism have more of that. Manufacturing implies making goods and finding buyers for them on the other hand. If good quality air-conditioners are manufactured, they will be sold no matter what, with or without advertising gimmicks. Quality sells and eminent business education is what Global Institute of Business Studies specializes at. Just like the air-conditioner, GIBS graduates and postgraduates will find impressive careers and Bangalore has no dearth of mega-corporations and multimedia ventures. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore can assure that you are going places after the expert training.

You cannot play football successfully amidst a desert without the requisite infrastructure. Nor would you find business opportunities amidst the burning hot sands. Yet the centers like Dubai have transformed such desert sands into thriving significant business communities that attract global trade and shopping. A child’s life is somewhat similar, starting with nothingness initially and going on to great things after excellent professional training.

While the kids grow up with digital technology and smartphones as toys, they need to be adequately trained to succeed in the new ways of life. In personal life too, you need to handle and manage money on a daily basis, though cash may be less used as compared to plastic money. Some similar principles of wise and careful allocation of resources, whether in buying and selling raw materials, commodities, or manufactured goods would apply across business careers. No doubt those who specialize in financial or banking careers would know such policies better, but the essential nature of family life and business ventures is similar. The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program will help develop a rounded business personality that understands the basic principles of life and business.

Working and succeeding well amidst the technological future

Business and economic principles apply to everybody’s life, just like the sun shines upon all. Interpersonal skills and leadership are common to all, just like excellent written and spoken communication and the ability with several languages, preferably international.

Reinventing ourselves and getting adjusted to technology that continually keeps evolving is yet another essential consideration. Flexibility and adaptation would be necessary. In some sense, the future has already arrived, and technology is going to expand and diversify, but some things will remain the same as the sun and moon in technological terms. Who would have thought in the 1960s that data or information would mean so much one day?

Easy and cheap transmission of data across the world and the affordable multimedia files over the internet have simplified and diversified learning and understanding. Education has taken on a new significance, and the dependence upon wise and experienced professors has now ended though senior faculty members continue to play essential roles. Students do not learn from the teacher alone but follow numerous learning paths through digital media.

The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalorelike dedicated babysitters, will escort the boys and girls through the complexities of managing digital business data. Teachers have many roles to play beyond the classroom and are always busy with researching and journal publications to add to the teaching. Compare the business manager of the 1960s to one today, and the difference is mainly the digital data management and working through software, the most potent weapon imaginable in business battles.

Speeding up life and business procedures through technology

Life is getting faster and better through technology, but populations and environments are worsening comparing past and present. More people may be stronger, but so many more need jobs and food, housing, and medical care. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore deliver pragmatic education according to the living present amidst ground realities rather than the idealistic world taught in books. When the change happens from college life to the working life often through campus placements, it is a quick adjustment because of the practical preparation during the semesters. It does appear an extended and complex academic journey, but the few action-filled GIBS semesters will not take too long. Make an early beginning.

How to choose a futuristic b-school for yourself?

In an age of the digital internet that reaches everywhere with no secrets left, it should be comparatively easy to assess the reputations of b schools. Accreditations and affiliations apart, rankings for institutions, awards and honorable mentions should indicate the truth at least partly while it is true that the media is prone to falsifying information for money-making purposes and wild promises about jobs are made to attract students, which is unlikely. Just like job fairs, educational fairs and exhibitions regularly highlight institutions and face to face meetings would result in positive realistic impressions being formed.

Develop a list of possible b schools

Locations and geographical factors matter and cultural and linguistic details need to match. You don’t want to feel like a fish out of water in some isolated remoteness. Where would you wish to study and feel comfortable? After the study, the goal is to work in leading companies and institutions located nearby business centers would be most convenient. After all, it is proximity to markets that drive businesses worldwide. If goods are manufactured in China and sold in America, that is possible on a massive scale of production.

Among the top 10 PGDM colleges in BangaloreGlobal Institute of Business Studies enjoys the advantage of being in the midst of mega-companies in the Karnataka State capital that proves to be a happy hunting ground for dynamic girls and boys in search of suitable careers. Conversely, the companies are enriched with such high-quality staff from GIBS that enjoys quite a reputation of being the best B school in Bangalore with an emphasis upon BBA and PGDM courses.

Does the college tally with your own career goals? 

Regarding Bangalore, would you be happy to work here in addition to the studies? If the target is service, that is somewhat easy. If the intention is to launch your own start-up business or continue to work in the already existing family business, it is a different scenario. The fields may be as diverse as photography or leather, confectionery, and transport services but the formula of business of money, manpower, and resources like raw materials and services apply everywhere. Managing them all effectively is what b school studies are all about.

Visiting the campus and meet faculty and students

Many students don’t go so far, but they should try to get a feel of the campus where a few semesters would be spent. Meeting a few teachers and students provides ample feedback on what to expect. You don’t need to go out of the way since many b schools conduct workshops and seminars, face to face meetings, and organize stalls in job fairs with the same purpose of advertising.

Professional courses require deliberation

Unlike joining the first school or a degree in college, professional courses are more expensive and much is at stake. A lucky college will reach you to the best internships and deliver a green signal to commence an incredible career with some good company. Yet, where is the guarantee after paying those huge fee amounts?

It is partly the reputation gathered from a variety of sources and hope and faith. Further, the students have to shoulder responsibilities and earn a place in the sun. Those who neglect regular study and allow all the work to pile up until the eleventh hour will not be so lucky with the academic and professional results. An inspired and dutiful approach to study to serve the family, community, and nation and give back would succeed. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore are good bets for successful b studies.

  • Online research and rankings
  • Cost and reputations
  • Records of past internships and placements
  • Specializations, course structure
  • Faculty, infrastructure, and location
  • Syllabus and teaching methods 

Don’t give up amidst the stressful times

Everybody has to face such harrowing times during the process of growing up. Don’t forget that the parents are the first teachers and they have contacts with teachers and seniors and elders in society. They will be having some plans for the children though it may not have been revealed well in advance. If you have faith in the family system, wait and see. Independently, continue researching and writing admission examinations diligently. Among the colleges to be earnestly considered are the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore. The attraction to the silicon valley of India brings together students from many Indian states and a few neighboring countries too.

Avoid enrolling at a place where you will not feel comfortable. Many factors contribute to successful studies, and it is a sensitive period of life. Maybe the two-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program will help realize your dreams after all aspects are considered. Hope for the best.

GIBS reminds of limited preparation time before CAT 2019

While the nation is busy celebrating Independence Day and floods are ravaging some states, many anxious students are busy preparing for entrance exams. Such is the system to select students for entry into top tier management institutions like Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore. The best B school in Bangalore is now accepting admissions for the 2019 batch. Internships and professional placements with leading companies in the previous years prove that the time and the expense at GIBS will be richly rewarded with strong professional standing. If the quality of faculty and educational infrastructure are considered, here are the best. Cross the hurdle of the CAT 2019 with good scores on the way to the successful semesters at GIBS!

How long does CAT 2019 preparation take?

Don’t forget that only three months are left before CAT 2019 on November 24. Some students may spend one year of costly institute coaching to prepare but is it really necessary? Even if you started now, successful preparation should be possible with the right motivation, study materials and ample dedicated time. Instead of long preparation time being wasted, why not focus tightly on preparation and give it a lot of energy?

At the same time, don’t forget that mental labor brings exhaustion. The diet is important and adequate sleep and rest, exercise and play would refresh the mind between study sessions. Keep up to date with the daily news and reading newspapers has a positive impact upon exam preparation. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore recommend an active media-filled exam preparation.

Individual strong and weak areas

Get familiar with the CAT 2019 syllabus and examination format. The three-hourly sections are VARC: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, DILR: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning and Quant: Quantitative Ability.

Most of us know what we are good at and where the weakness lies. Basically, it is mathematical ability and language comprehension. After identifying weak areas, it will be possible to give them more time and attention. Mock tests, books and other study materials would help understand individual ability and performance better.

Coaching institutes

Not all the students are dependent upon institutes for preparation. Some toppers did not attend institutes. However, we must accept the fact that the institutes have a great deal of professional experience and have been coaching for years. They understand study techniques well and can personally help students. Such coaching is costly and not every student can afford it. Some students are not comfortable to study in a group and may prefer a personal tutor.

Confident self-study

Several top rank holders in previous CAT exams did not attend coaching institutes. Perhaps they were sheer genius. The weaker students may need the encouragement of institutes or tutors. Students who went for tutors every year should continue such a system now. Those who are confident with self-study should first understand the syllabus and the exam format. Collect ample study materials and build a portfolio of notes and question papers of earlier years. Though studying alone, maintain contacts with a group of students who are also busy with the same task and exchange notes and ideas. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore think that data processing is the chief activity involved.

A basic time table plan

As a rough estimate, since three months are left, why not spend a month on each of the three sections? It is not a rigid time table and more time could be spent on the weak areas.

Building up understanding, speed and accuracy

Improved performance comes only with practice and more practice. That idea applies to every industry like sports and entertainment, managers and divers! The time factor only means that the work must be fast enough. At the same time, accuracy and correctness will be needed to score high.

Mock tests and questions from previous years should be attempted firstly on a sectional basis of an hour each. Once that is done successfully, attempting the entire exam in one sitting should be practiced. After analysis, weak areas would be visible and more time and effort should solve them.

Maintain a positive approach

Realistic exam preparation needs to maintain high morale. Avoid giving way to negative thoughts. Life is made up of challenges in one way or the other all through the long life journey. With the right understanding and strategy, the best study materials like books, question papers and guided by tutors or even self-study, scoring the qualifying marks should be possible. Don’t forget that each section should show a good score for IIM requirements. Always remember that the 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program assures of excellent career prospects.

Time is short!

With three months left, you should be neck deep now and fully involved in the systematic exam preparation. For those who have neglected the work earlier and are waking up at the last moment, perhaps the institute or tutor help would be best, just to make sure that the focus remains on the important areas. It is important that the exam preparation ends at least a week before the CAT 2019 exam on November 24 so that you have some time to rest and relax. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore pray for your success.