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The GIBS Library Committee reviews, consults, advises, plans, and receives reports and recommendations on the performance of library services, administrative structure, and allocation of resources. It is responsible for keeping the faculty informed of major publications and for creating opportunities for the students to discuss priorities based on knowledge management. It suggests measures to maintain the sanctity of the library and attend to the reader's grievances. The committee also organizes book weeks, book talks, book reviews, book displays on special occasions. It helps in the digitalization of the library and acquires books from the book banks and distributes the same to the deserving students.


The Human Resource Club enlightens students with the field of human resource management and provides learning opportunities through interaction with human resource practitioners. It promotes the exchange of work-related experience of business professionals with the theoretical academic perspectives of students and faculty members through open forums and information exchanges. They also go hand in hand with assisting placements as they develop students with the skills that are needed for attending an interview and preparing them with the kind of scenarios one faces in a company by conducting mock sessions etc.


The Marketing Club initiates and updates the students on the latest marketing trends and the activities of the same by conducting several marketing-related events that promote and inculcate interest among the students. The club members are responsible for the timely management of the events under the club, such as product launches, advertising in different formats, digital marketing, etc.


The Finance Club's main objective is to take initiatives and research about recent financial trends and innovations which are happening in the world of finance. It inculcates the zeal and pulse of the financial world in real-time by creating opportunities for the students and keeps them on their toes to explore more career opportunities.


The objective of the club is to encourage the students to know the necessary know-how about any business. The aim is to help them to uphold the innovative ideas of students. The club is very well received by students who already have some family business since they learn and implement necessary positive changes in their businesses. The club helps students understand the age-old question "Are entrepreneurs born or are they made?" To find out, one should be a member of the Entrepreneurship Club.


The Cultural, Creativity & Sponsorship Club is responsible for all inter as well as intra-collegiate cultural events. One of the most colourful clubs at GIBS, this club solely organizes all the cultural programs of GIBS. The students help in bringing sponsors to the programs. With the main motto of "No matter what, the show must go on.", the club encourages students to showcase their creative side and in their overall development.


The duty of the Mess Committee members is to make sure the canteen services for students and staff are hygienic and healthy. They are responsible for designing the menu for the canteen thrice a day for 7 days a week by keeping in mind the demographic profiles of the students studying in GIBS from across India. Their main objective is to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen and canteen area and resolve any grievances related to the same.


"A healthy body will lead to a healthy mind, and with that healthy mind, one can accomplish many things." The Sports & Fitness Committee at GIBS motivates the fellow mates to take part in sports regularly. Working out in the gym or dance studio improves one's general health and wellbeing, and there are plenty of reasons why one should become involved in sports (indoor or outdoor). The committee's main agenda through its various sporting and fitness activities is to encourage students for improved concentration, build team-building skills, increase stamina and flexibility, and have a peaceful mind. The committee conducts various levels of competitions and tournaments to create a healthier environment in the campus.


The purpose of the Innovation and Research Club is to build and support future business leaders to focus on the power of research, creative problem solving and idea generation. Under the guidance of the Managing Director, students are required to complete multiple projects through their time with us. The aim of the projects is to promote innovative thinking, enhance research skills, develop student understanding regarding the current happenings in various industries, and to expose students to various organizations across the innovation landscape.