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If you’re an educational professional who are looking to progress into management and consultancy, or an educational planning or development role, this is the best degree for you.

Faculty-Research & Publications

  • Topic: A Study on effectiveness of in-store promotion in Apparel Retail store, Bangalore City- ISSN 2395-2091(online) ISSN-2395-2083(Print).
  • International Journal of Commerce, Management and Computer application. Vol II, Issue 1, January- February, 2016.
  • Topic: A Study on clearance Sales at Identity, Bangalore City Impact factor: 4.532. International Journal of Commerce and Management Research. Volume No-IV Issue- 3 Oct-Dec 2016.
  • Volume 1 Issue 2 ISSN 2347-8403. Aditya Institute of Management and research Mumbai. June-November 2014-Mumbai.
  • Topic: Effectiveness Of Training And Development And Its Impact on Employee Job Productivity: A Study With reference to Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. Bangalore Impact factor-5.76 Online:ISSN 22492585Print: ISSN 2249-8672.
  • International Journal of exclusive Management Research
  • Topic: HR Practices and its Innovation for creating competitive Advantage: A Strategic PerspectiveISSN 2320 – 2939 (Print) ISSN 2320-2793 (online) Let your Research be Global search– An Ultimate search of Truth- Reforms through Research Vol- 7. No. 7 Jul 2014.
  • Topic: An Empirical Study on Brand Awareness and its Impact on Customer Satisfactionwith Special Reference to Apollo Paints Bengaluru Management ISSN 2320 – 2939 (Print) ISSN 2320-2793 (online) Let your Research be Global search– Intellects International Journal of Research in Management. 9th Jan 2015-Bangalore.