GIBS Corporate School (Best Finishing School)

GIBS Corporate School (GCS)

GIBS Corporate School (Best Finishing School) is a dedicated wing to provide assistance on Start-ups, Placements and Internships. GCS operates on every Saturday to both PGDM and BBA students. Every Saturday, the student’s timetable is scheduled keeping in mind the GCS agenda.

At GIBS, we believe that “Opportunities are never given, they are taken.” With this philosophy in mind, our Corporate School strives to actively grab every opportunity available rather than passively waiting for it to come around.

GIBS has created an unique world-class finishing school, to work on students who come from varied backgrounds. This is done to resolve the biggest challenge of students – PLACEMENT.

22 Credits to the Finishing School’s Programme and the Campus to corporate program will ensure that the PGDM Students become “Placement Ready”. A Dedicated team will be working on Complete Grooming of each student.

Our finishing school focuses on filling the gap between the skills our students possess and the industry demands, thus ensuring that GIBS students are ready to start a successful career in their dream organization. All our students undergo career counseling by professional counselors. The corporate school conducts various activities and workshops to prepare them for their interviews.