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The Talk Series is the platform to invite the thought leaders from different sections like Academicians, Corporates, GIBS Alumnus and Start-ups to share their expertise and life/corporate journey with the students of GIBS to inspire them to rise high in life.

It also aims at minimizing the gap between classroom learning and the ground realities of the business world by learning from the experiences of industry experts, academicians and entrepreneurs by the invited talks.

Talk Series Details

Sl.No. Resource Person Topic Designation
1 Tina Desai Motivational session Celebrity & Motivational Speaker
2 Lyubov Sakhno Motivational session Corprate Trainer
3 Sujit Lalwani Leadership International Speaker & Motivator
4 Anita S Leadership skills and self assessment Soft skills Corporate Trainer
5 Lalita Modali Clothes Power Soft skills Corporate Trainer
6 Dr.Ravi Modali Wellness Programme Doctor – Wellness
7 Shobana khan Grooming Image Consultant
8 D.K.Sriram Basics of marketing Professor & Consultant
9 Santosh shivlingh Creativity Assistant Professor visual arts
10 Indu Venugopal Body Language TRIL India
11 Rose Maryan Peck Grooming TRIL India
12 Chandra Sheker R What Corporate expects from an MBA Manager HR Merceedes Benz
13 A Paul susheel Unlock Your Motivation International Life science speaker,  P S Academy
14 Hemant Sharma How to effectively manage time Entrepreneur & IT consultant
15 NK Sharma Soft skills Corporate Trainer
16 N K Sundaram Soft skills Corporate Trainer
17 PAVAN Creativity in careere progression Fellow Researcher at IIMB  Enterpreneur Enterpreneur
18 Dr. Gurudev Digital Advertising Creative director & Strategist Webind Technologies
19 Rahul Dhawan BSE- IPF Capital Awareness Programme  Loctus Knowl Wealth Pvt Ltd
20 Karan Lakhwani Importance of LinkedIn Profiles Associate Relationship Manager,  LinkedIn
21 Mr. kaustubh dhargalkar Innovative Business model Mentor & Professor, (IIM-A & WeSchool) WeBind Technologies WeBind Technologies
22 Ms. Amrita Kolay CV Writing Fleelance Resume Writer, WeBind Technologies
23 Rajat Rashmi Nitty Gritty of Corporate culture Certified Corporate Trainer Senior Professional at Orcale
24 Jayasimha Ramesh Workshop on Auditing Sr Consultant KPMG KPMG
25 Zabi Baig Workshop on Auditing Sr Consultant KPMG KPMG
26 Mr. Manohar Dhanakshirur Just a Minute (Jam) Session and psychometric test Campus Relationship Incharge Seven Sense
27 Kashyap Karnala IOT for Jobs , IOT for Start Ups CEO Eyeplus  Eyeplus
28 Giridhar Soundharyan courage to Follow one’s Heart & to Prepare for the Failure Member Placement Advisory board
29 Mr. Dalan IT product and product management Product manger  WE BIND
30 Deepshik Sekhar Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur
31 K Nithya ABC of Interviewing Skills Corporate Trainer
32 Adarsh Kumar Analytical skills  Seven Sense Talent Solution
33 Ramkinkar Sharma SMCP Certification Program Corporate Trainer
34 Ramesh Krishnan Authentic Leadership Program Corporate Trainer from HELM
35 Ramya Agarwal Authentic Leadership Program Corporate Trainer from HELM
36 Siddhash Naik Authentic Leadership Program Corporate Trainer from HELM
37 Narmatha Authentic Leadership Program Corporate Trainer from HELM
38 Vishal Gautam Authentic Leadership Program Corporate Trainer from HELM
39 Dr. Shrikanth Parthasarathy Subject Matter Expert CEO Chakara Consultancy
40 Mr.Shashidhara Rao Project Management Certification Program Corporate Trainer
41 Rishi ranjan Authentic Leadership Corporate Trainer from HELM
42 Arun Naniyat Authentic Leadership Corporate Trainer from HELM
43 Arjun chakraborthi Stock Market CEO Trakinvest Trakinvest
44 Suresh Babu G P Subject Matter Expert – OM Sr Manager  GE Renewables GE Renewables
45 Rasmita Jena Subject Matter Expert – MIS Corporate Trainer
46 Mr.Ramachandran Desu Subject Matter Expert – LAB Senior Advocate Karnataka High Court Karnataka
47 Prof Rajan Subject Matter Expert – Marketing Professor & Corporate Trainer
48 Krishna kishore M concepts of marketing & insurance Area Manager  Apollo Munich Apollo Munich
49 Dr. Punith Cariappa Concepts & Career in Finance Dean DSI
50 Vidya Vellak  Digital marketing Entrepreneur
51 Dr Beena Pandey economics and its perspectives in management Professor,  Oxford College of Business Management
52 Ms Leema, Ms Edna personal branding, power clothing Image Consultant & Corporate Trainer
53 Ms Indu venu gopal personal branding, power clothing Image Consultant & Corporate Trainer
54  Ms Rose Marian personal branding, power clothing Image Consultant & Corporate Trainer
55 Vijaianand A Cocepts of finance & Accounting Professor, Oxford College of Business Management
56 Dr. Chakrapani Gopal Concepts & Perspectives of supply chain management Professor,  DSU
57 Dilip S Outbound activity CEO inferno
58 Rajendar Jain Happiness & Motivation CEO Savatra
59 Mrs. Manoranjani Motivational session Corporate Trainer
60 Mr. Srinath Jangam Motivational session Indian Army Officer
61 Mrs. Shilpa K S Body Language & email etiquatte Soft skills Corporate Trainer
62 Hamsa Gururaj Subject Matter Expert- OB Professor, Canada
63 Dr Tapaldula Babu Subject Matter ExpertQunatitative Techinques Professor , Allinace University
64 Karvy Professionals Workshop on Banking Finance and Insurance Karvy
65 Prof Kiran Koppada Subject Matter Expert- OM Professor, Allinace University
66 Mr David M Paul Subject Matter Expert- LAB Lawyer
67 Mr PaulPandi Subject Matter Expert – HRM Asst manager HR  Avtech Limited
68 Ashoka T Recent Trends in HR VP HR, Schinder Electric
69 Amreeta Mazumdar Panelist HR CEO
70 Vikrant S Hiremath Panelist HR Sr Manager  Capgemini
71 Rashmi Saran Panelist HR Soft skills Corporate Trainer
72 Khajja Mohinundin SIX SIGMA Program Six Sigma Tariner
73 Mr Ramesh Hearfulness Enabled Leadership Mastery Director Intel
74 Webster Raphael Welcome to the world of MBA- Goal Settings Trainer  Zeliant Consultant
75 Suresh Anand Ice Breaking session – Hopes n Fears of New students Corporate Trainer, Zeliant Consultant
76 Ms Maya Learning our of Academics- ABC of communication Skills Corporate Trainer, Zeliant Consultant
77 Mr Deepak Justin Power of Infulence & Social Media Corporate Trainer, Zeliant Consultant
78 Mr. Webster Leadership Skills Corporate Trainer, Zeliant Consultant
79 Ms. Rose Corporate Dressing & Grooming Corporate Trainer, Zeliant Consultant
80 Ms. Indu Body Language & Etiquette Corporate Trainer, Zeliant Consultant
81 Leema Bernad Viji Body Language & Etiquette Corporate Trainer, Zeliant Consultant
82 Yogesh Pathak “Hearfulness Enabled Leadership Mastery” Facilitator CTO, Technoforte Software Private Ltd. CTO
83 Ajay Lokesh Emotional Intelligence Corporate Trainer, Zeliant Consultant
84 Ivy Emmanuel Interpersonal skills Corporate Trainer, Zeliant Consultant
85 Samia Sharief Meditation, Concentration & Yoga Corporate Trainer, Zeliant Consultant
86 Ms Sana Wealth in Wellness Corporate Trainer, Zeliant Consultant
87 Jaicy Joseph Trends in Indian Business Management Corporate Trainer, Zeliant Consultant
88 Ms Suvadarsini Debta Success Mantra’s for life time Trainer  P S Academy
89 Dr Tapal Dula Babu Markeitng concepts and career for MBA graduates Professor Alliance University
90 Dr Chakarpani Gopal Role of Economics in day today life Professor DSU
91 Alayana Aisha Motivational Session Corporate Trainer
92 Dr Kunal Saxena Innovation Management and MBA Professor & Consultant
93 D K Sriram Marketing Concepts & Career Corporate Trainer
94 Shubham Tripati Corporate Relations Deputy Manager,  Bajaj Allianz
95 Subramaniam, Sankaran (Subbu) HELM –  Creativity in Innovation: Igniting the spark within Business Consultant HELM
96 Sanjay Upadhyaya “Positivity and Happiness training program” Business Consultant Unmeed
97 Mr Dilip Outbound activity CEO inferno
98 Mr Thupten Shering Motivational Session Celebrity & Motivational Speaker
99 Abhishek Johri Heartfulness Leadership Programme on Understand criticality of receiving and giving guidance through life AVP Statestreet Statestreet
100 Dr. Nagendran R Derivative Strategies Professor  Allinace University
101 Mr. Ramesh N Recent Development in Banking Retd, General Manager Canara Bank Canara Bank
102 Mr. AjitJojo Capital Market Manager Geojit Financial Services Ltd
103  Mr. Uday Kumar Capital Market Manager Geojit Financial Services Ltd
104 Deepak Saini Heartfulness Leadership Programme onUnderstand criticality of receiving and giving guidance through life Consultant, Product design and management HELM
105 Mr. Mohan Kumar Workshop on preparing and enablment Practice Head, Wipro
106 Prof Surajeet Banarjee How to solve a case Professor, Guest Faculty
107 Dr Uma shreedhar Subject Matter Expert – OB Dean IBS
108 Mr Rahul Subject Matter Expert – Economics Sr Consultant Freelance Trainer
109 Dr K S Srinivas Rao Subject Matter Expert – Statistics Professor Jain University
110 Ms Manju Chandran Subject Matter Expert- Entrepreneurship Management Consultnat
111 Mr Ganesh Madhan Workshop on Deriatives VP Goldman sachs  Goldman sachs
112 Sanjay Raj Motivational session International Basket ball Players
113 Srinivasa Gowda Motivational session International Basket ball Players
114 Bijal Chhaya Recent trends in Marketing Senior Director Media and Info Cognizant Consultant
115 Krishna Durbha Recent trends in Marketing Senior Manager, Learning and Development  Wipro Ltd.
116 Dr Chakarapani Gopal Panelist – Marketing Conference Principal Consultant Urban Connects Farm
117 Tejas Pavate Panelist – Marketing Conference Manager  Zykra Bytes Solutions
118 Mr Vijay Rego Workshop on Segmentation Techniques Marketing Consultant. Consultant Consultant
119 Mr Ramachandran Subject Matter Experton Quantitative Techniques Professor
120 Ranjini Ganesh Entrepreneurship Panelist Entrepreneur Nirbhaya Self defence academy
121 Vinay Jugets Entrepreneurship Panelist CEO Unicornmark
122 Vishnu Chandran Entrepreneurship Panelist CEO Unicornmark
123 Mr Gopal Six Sigma Workshop Trainer  Imarticus Learning Imarticus Learning
124 Mr Danush Kodi Subject Matter ExpertFinance Corporate Trainer
125 Srividya Puppala Subject Matter ExpertEntrepreneurship Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Entrepreneur
126 Shankar  M M Subject Matter ExpertResearch Methodology Business Analytics Consultant
127 Mohan Kumar S Subject Matter Expert- TFM L & D Head  Wipro
128 Vidya Sagar Subject Matter Expert- IB Professor & Consultnat
129 Dr Pardeep N E Subject Matter Expert- HRM Professor & Consultant
130 Mr. Vikranth Hiremath “Career oppurtunities for MBA” HR Manager – Cap Gemini
131 Dr Pradeep NE Workshop on “Life Skills” HR Consultant & Professor
132 Dr Paul Susheel Personality Development Life Coach and Trainer
133 Mr. Dilip Team Work Director – Inferno
134 Dr Uma Shreedhar “Self Analysis & goal setting” Trainer & Dean
135 Mr Rishi S Patela “YOU(Self Analysis)” Soft skills Trainer
136 Mr. Nadeem Business Analytics and Business Intelligence Technical Architect – HCL
137 Ms. Vidya “Artificial Intelligence in Business” CEO – Digital Marketing firm
138 Mr. Dhanush Kodi “Corporate Expectations on fresh MBA’s” Consultant & Professor
139 Ms Shruthi Ladwa “Start ups in India” Entrepreneur
140 Dr Shrikanth Parthasarthy “Finance and its Careers: Corporate expectation” CFO- Chakra Venture Partners
141 Mrs. Annapurna Workshop on “Behaviour and competencies  required for workplace  “ Founder- Emotionalytics
142 Mr. Ganesh Madan “General Finance and its concepts” VP – Goldmansachs
143 Dr Chakarapani “Economics and Business” Consultant & Professor
144 Mr. Mohan “Career opprtunties  and prepration for MBA” Practice Head – Wipro
145 Ms. Naszia Sultana Workshop on “Art of soliving a Case study” Visiting Professor – GIBS
146 Ms. Shruthi Start ups Entrepreneur
147 Ms. Smitha “Etiquette & Communication” Corporate Trainer
148 Mr Vijay Kumar “Banking & Finance” Consultnat Banker & Professor at Welingkar
149 Mr Amit Punjabi “Personality Development” CEO – Sankalp Academy
150 Aman Alok Internship and Entrpenuiership CEO & Co Founder Unicorn mark